Steel Auto Shops & Body Shop Buildings

A pre-engineered steel auto shop will cost less than one constructed from any other material. It will erect (usually in 50% of the time) faster, insure for less, and last for a very long time. Our research has indicated that steel buildings make up 71% of the commercial building market, and that this figure is rising. Steel autoshops are responsible for a portion of this statistic, and the following quotation from highlights some of steel's advantages when it comes to autoshop construction:

“Automotive buildings far exceed what their concrete counterparts can offer. Steel auto shop buildings are virtually maintenance free. The composition of steel makes them resistant to different external stress factors. On top of their guaranteed durability, metal building manufacturers offer decades’ worth of warranty on all their metal products: from twenty five years to as much as thirty five years.” 1


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Where will your building be located?


Somewhat akin to the results when one sets out on the web to learn about starting a Mini-Storage Business, there exist a plethora of free articles on setting up a car maintenance shop, to help one get started. As with any commercial venture, location is key in the automotive business. An article on the Startup Biz Hub addresses this issue: your location must be carefully chosen for both visibility and accessibility, they assert, “Many successful auto body repair parts shops, for example, have established their new auto body shop near parking areas of high traffic commercial establishments.” 2

An article on takes it a step further, wisely suggesting that one “Study the demographics of your local area and determine how much an auto shop will be able to generate. Investigate the number of local competitors already running and pay attention to traffic levels and use. . . Profitable auto shops do not necessarily have to be the biggest,” they point out. “As long as staffing needs are met effectively and a regular volume of work can be assured, an auto mechanic shop can start off on a very simple basis with a view to expand at a later stage.” 3

With pre-engineered steel buildings, expansion of this nature is an easy endeavour, guaranteeing you the very least interruption of internal operations during future additions. In fact, the European Steel Design Education Programme (ESDEP) cites “ease of extension” 4 as one of Steel's foremost advantages in the commercial and industrial building markets, next to it's “high strength-to-weight ratio”, and “speed of erection.” ESDEP notes chiefly, “the ease with which metal sections can be connected to existing work,”5so that businesses may often continue operations unimpeded in their existing structures, while an addition is being made. Prefab buildings are, by nature, easier to expand, however, if you know (or even suspect) that you will be making additions in the future, make sure you let your manufacturer know from the beginning. A few special considerations, made now, may make expansion even easier and less costly when the time comes.

Steel Offers the Strongest Frame Available

Your workshop’s strong frame provides:

  • Support necessary for pullies, winches & cranes
  • Support to hang and shelve heavy equipment
  • Puncture-proof walls (typically under warranty)




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