Horse Barn Accessories: A Beginner's Guide

Prefab barn accessories

After completing a new custom horse barn, many owners then turn to filling it with important barn accessories. You must be diligent about taking care of your  barn, especially if you are working with a pole barn or traditionally constructed barn. These barns will need maintenance and occasional repairs. Even the more popular option of steel custom horse barns will need some attention in landscaping and installation.

Pesticide Systems

First consider one of the most important factors in horse barn design, the safety of the horse. Horses are susceptible to West Nile virus just as humans are. For this reason it is important that you plan for insect control if you are planning to build a public or private horse barn. The best way to do this is to buy an automatic or manual controlled pesticide system and place it inside the barn. An automatic system operates a synchronized spray that evenly distributes insecticide over all the facility.

Horse Watering and Hay Feeders

Next, it's time to consider horse watering and hay feeders. The best way to provide water for your horse is through an automating watering system. The best systems are easy to clean, durable against enthusiastic animals and can clean both stalls and pastures. Bowls are kept away from the water supply and are made from highly durable polyethylene material.

Wash Hand Tools & Magnets

Other accessories to consider for custom horse barns include rotating wash hands and hold open door magnets. The wash hand tool hangs down from your barn ceiling, which prevents you or the horse from tripping on a long and awkward garden hose. Door magnets are used to hold steel doors open, which will be very convenient when moving horses or heavy supplies. These magnets can also work with shutters, Dutch doors and stall fronts.

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What happens in the cold winter season? Your horse freezes, unless you buy a high quality heating system! There are a few technologies of heating systems to consider for barn heating. High intensity infrared heaters provide a direct line of sight radiant heat to floor level objects, which then also heats the surrounding air. However, this style of heating is ideal for high-level ceilings and large arenas. Low intensity infrared tube heaters or spot heating might be recommended for smaller barn buildings.


It is vital that a horse have an adequate amount of lighting, throughout the day and at certain times of the evening. It is also important that horse handlers have quick access to light in order to clean and maintain the premises. Barns should have shutters and windows for improved ventilation as well as natural lighting. For nighttime, you can add arena, barn and stall lights. Also consider adding storage trunks and saddle racks to your custom horse barns to make the project complete.

What About Price?

What about prices on horse barns and accessories? Prices vary depending on requested features, locality and the size of your custom barn. Larger barns (eg. 40x60, 40,80, 40x100),  have final costs between $30,000 & $40,000 while smaller barns (eg. 30x30 & 30x40) can be purchased, accessories and all, for as little as $15,000. When deciding on your choice of custom horse barns and accessories, remember to put the animal's welfare first, buying what is affordable and livable for your equine friend.

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Author: Conrad Mackie