Horse Barn Buying Process

Remember your primary objective in buying abarnn - to protect your animal from outside elements and to keep the animal in a healthy, safe environment. It is important that your new barn be build spaciously (think minimum stall size 12x12) for the welfare of the hose as well as for the convenience of the handlers.

Additionally, there should be adequatedrainage, manure management and air ventilation. That said, there are several different options to consider when purchasing a barn building.

How To Buy A Horse Barn

The most expensive option will also be the one that requires the least physical effort (assuming you are not going to build the barn yourself). This is hiring a general contractor to fulfill all of your needs. A contractor will assume authority over various processes involved - including pouring a concrete foundation and erecting the building. This will cost several thousand dollars and local estimates will vary, a rule-of-thumb with steel buildings is to add 40% to your final barn package cost. For price estimates see our barn price calculator. Many of the suppliers we represent have horse barn for sale package pricing, to receive four written quotes simply specify your requirements on our simple quote form and you will have competing bids from local suppliers to choose from.

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Where will your building be located?


The Price of Construction

As mentioned earlier, the final price will heavily depend on wheather you have a GC construct your barn or if you opt for the self-build route. The majority of small horse barns (2-6 stall or 30x30 upto 30x60) are designed with the DIY enthusiast in mind. Remember, you could easily save $5-20,000 opting for a horse barn kit on sale over a contractor built solutuion. Kit barns contain all the necessary parts for constructing your new facility, including beams, siding, roofing, bolts, screws, flashing etc. also included are detailed assembly instructions. This option is the most financially feasible, as you can buy DIY steel kits starting at just $6,590. If you have some help (muscle!), lifting equipment (i.e a Bobcat or tractor), time and some patience then really why not!

Plan according to your budget, and of course, according to the needs of your horse.

Author: Conrad Mackie