Horse Barn Kit Buildings: A Buyers Guide

Barns bought as kits make the job of building your own farm storage building cheaper and faster, while ensuring that the quality of construction is high; due to the fact that the parts are all precicion engineered in the factory. Additionally, the individual parts are all numbered ensuring each piece fits exactly. DIY kits allow you to build a storage barn with high steel columns that are secured to a concrete foundation.

An all metal building is a superior choice to a pole barn kit, which is built by burying wooden poles in the ground (these rot after only a few years making your structure unstable). Pole barns have walls that are usually made of wood and are nailed into the upright poles. As you can imagine, these types of buildings require regular (and sometimes) drastic maintenance and repairs. This is why modern metal prefab buildings are preferred to pole barn kits by many DIY builders.

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Advantages of Building with Metal

Metal storage barns offer shorter construction time, lower prices on materials (estimated up to 60%) and exceptional strength of construction. Steel is considered the strongest building material on the market and is very resistant to even earthquake or hurricane disasters. All barns supplied through BuildingsGuide are engineered for your local building codes and are designed to meet local wind, snow and seismic conditions. These types of building kits are even resistant to minor weather problems, such as creeping, cracking or molding. The steel parts are fire resistant and made with hygienic material that is easy to clean and doesn't require frequent maintenance. Other advantages include better energy efficiency coupled with an expandable construction style.

Parts Included in a Kit Barn

When you order a prefab barn kit you are shipped all of the necessary materials. The building package includes steel framing, trusses, columns, rafters, purlins, girts, main bearers and joists. Smaller materials to look for are all accompanying bolts, brackets, colored screws, sockets and sealing strips. With small barns you will also get roof sheeting, a front and back sectional door, flashings, trim, ridge caps and channel. Last and certainly not least, you will receive one more set of engineering plans, localized to your home state. There will be foundation drawings, as well as a detailed instructional manual, and sometimes bonus DVDs showing how to complete construction with the minimum amount of hassle.

Steps in Building Your Barn

All you need to build your own barn, in addition to the kit building componemts, is concrete. The most challenging aspect of the project is getting the layout correct and spacing out the posts. However, following the instructions make it easy. Since you are using steel trusses you will notice that the items are lighter to carry, yet stronger in construction. It takes about three people to assemble small barn, and you can get all of the work done within a weekend.

Metal kits are much safer than using wood construction as no on-site cutting is required. Not only does it save you money from your insurance company (who consider steel barns to be far more durable), but are also more protective of the animal. An animal that kicks through a wooden barn can easily get injured, and even more so if it kicks through solid brick. However, steel barn kits are strong enough to stand, yet flexible enough to prevent injury.

Author: Conrad Mackie