Steel Riding Arena Lighting & Ventilation

70x200 Pre-engineered indoor steel riding arena

Horse riding arenas are often built to accompany barns, though just as many traveling horse trainers might buy these properties for their own convenience.  (So that they don’t have to continually lease large riding areas)  Some people have found it advantageous to build their own steel riding arenas.  This option doesn’t even require heavy investment or any special skill in construction work.  These steel riding arenas, sometimes called modular or prefab arena buildings only require minimal installation (erection costs are usually 50% of a traditional wooden arena) once they are shipped.  Modular equestrial facilities are pre-built in the factory and are then assembled on-site. Arena buildings can be supplied in kit form for self-build construction.

The Advantages of Steel Riding Arena Buildings

More and more riders are realising the benefits of constructing their own arenas and saving on the cost of local memberships and rental agreements. Metal horse riding arenas are cheaper in general; about 60% cheaper than traditional construction and cheaper to start expanding in future development.  They are safe, environmentally friendly and require little maintenance.  They are also known be to sturdy properties, both resistant to severe weather conditions as well as minor damages associated with flooding, rain and extreme temperatures.

'Clear-Span' space - unlike pole buildings, modern pre-engineered buildings allow for the maximum amount of unobstructed riding space; no columns, pillars or  poles to get in the way. Buildings can be engineered to be 200' wide with an infinite length.

Prefab riding arenas are also very durable, which explains why manufacturing companies are willing to offer multi-year warranties on arenas and arena barn combination buildings.  It’s not unusual to find 25-year warranties on rust perforation, as well as 40 year warranties on wall coating and trims.  Materials and workmanship are usually so solid that companies can offer 50-year warranties, while some special products (such as roof fasteners) can even come with a lifetime warranty.

Additionally, with prefab arenas most companies provfide locally approved instructions and plans on how to build your indoor arena appropriate for local building codes with the engineering designed for local wind, snow and seismic conditions.  Two of the most important factors in building steel riding arena properties include ventilation and natural lighting.

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Natural Lighting and Ventilation

Horses need a great deal of natural lighting and good clean air.  They instinctively stay away from dark places or strange spots on the ground.  A horse barn or indoor arena with no drainage, with unhealthy soil, improper manure management, or a lack of lighting will not be a livable environment.  It is recommended that builders and buyers ensure that their property has clear or translucent wall panels and windows.  If temperatures rise or lower to extremes then thickness panels may be required for better insulation.  Along with these provisions, air chambers can help with ventilation.

You also need to make sure that there are evening and nightlights.  Some designers fault roof skylights, as they result in leakage.  Therefore some experts have recommended putting wall light panels in clerestory or in a monitor roof atop the ceiling.  This protects against leakage and provides for a better environment that a horse will enjoy—free, breathable and well lit.  Look for these features whether you are planning to construct steel buildings or horse arenas on your own, or are buying a property outright.

Author: Conrad Mackie