Planning a Safe & Efficient Chemical Storage Building

Pre engineered steel building for use as a chemical storage facility

Chemical storage plays an important role in many industries, and is a sensitive topic for environmentalists. Fortunately, metal building systems structures can be designed to safely and inexpensively house hazmat-classified (hazardous material) substances, saving you money, while providing you with greater peace of mind. That metal buildings have their own “environmentally friendly” benefits over structures produced using other materials is an added bonus.

This page is devoted to helping you plan your own chemical storage facility, and to prepare you, so that you will have no trouble providing your metal building manufacturer with the necessary details of your requirements when you place your order.


Many companies who are seeking to store hazardous chemicals are already established in a particular location, and want to add a HAZMAT storage building to their existing site. Others will be starting from scratch, and need to identify a suitable location. In both cases, zoning issues and building code regulations play a determinant role, and must be thoroughly explored and understood.

Zoning Issues and Building Code Regulations
Regulatory issues are of particular importance to those who are choosing to store hazardous chemicals. Your first step is to get in contact with the local regulatory authorities to determine where you are allowed to store such substances.

Make sure that you are 100% aware of any potential environmental issues, and the impact that your industry can have on local ecosystems. It is often a good idea to hire an environmental consulting agency to research this subject and to keep you abreast of the safest, most environmentally friendly practices in your industry. Responsible conduct does not go unnoticed, and these days, governments are becoming more and more generous with environmentally responsible companies, because they know that we have a lot of cleaning up to do.

Other Factors to Consider
Availability of utilities, such as water and electricity, may influence your choice of location. If they are not readily available at your site, bringing them there may cost you more money.

Local weather patterns and temperatures during the summer and winter affect the cost of interior climate control, which may be an important issue. Fortunately the heat and cooling loss statistics for metal buildings systems structures are much lower than those of most other construction types. Insulation is more effective in metal buildings, mostly because they fit together so precisely, so controlling storage temperatures will generally cost you less. Prevailing wind directions may influence the location and orientation of your facilities.

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Where will your building be located?



Size will depend on your requirements, given the maximum stock of substances that you foresee storing in your facilities at any given time, and the space taken up by containment safety technology. This technology can occupy considerable space, so make sure that you have it accounted for before you place your order. Since metal buildings are so inexpensive, you may find that it is within your budget to build much bigger than your projected requirements. This can allow you more space for safety equipment, and may even allow you enough space to rent out containment to other companies, offsetting your costs.


In chemical storage, nobody ever said, “I wish I didn’t take those extra safety precautions and add the backup system.” The peace of mind afforded you by taking the very best efficient safety precautions, is priceless. Take the time to research the ins and outs of HAZMAT safety, secondary containment, and exposure prevention, and consider hiring a safety consultant to maximize your coverage. Thus, you will be protecting your own interests, those of your employees, and the environment surrounding your storage facilitiy.

Metal Buildings and Storage Safety Technology
Metal buildings are highly customizable, and can be built to accommodate all sorts of specialized storage safety technology, from fiberglass and lead-cast secondary containment, to berms, to flexible membranes, and beyond, so be sure to do your research and let your manufacturer know exactly what state-of-the-art safety equipment you will be employing. To be on the cutting edge of storage safety is a privilege, and they will be happy to oblige.


Because metal building systems structures are particularly environmentally friendly, compared to buildings constructed from other materials, they rate very highly on the U.S. Green Building Council’s Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design ratings system.

In fact, because you are erecting a metal building systems structure for commercial or industrial purposes, you may qualify for certain financial incentives offered by the government, for environmental responsibility. We suggest you register your project with the USGBC and inquire on this subject. You could stand to save big bucks for choosing responsible practices!


Once you’ve determined your location; taken care of all the necessary regulatory measures; decided on containment-safety technology, and the size requirements for your structure; and you are ready to order, you need to find the best manufacturer for your project.

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For more informtion about HAZMAT storage, feel free to read though out guide for safe HAZMAT storage.

Author: Conrad Mackie