Planning Your Riding Arena

Covered riding arena building in prefab steel

Planning, buying, and building your riding arena can be enjoyable and exciting. Your arena will be a great investment.

Designs are available to accommodate a small arena for private use, or a larger public riding arena and training center. A well-designed, functional horse facility is safe, sanitary, durable, and convenient, providing the means with which to feed and water your horses and providing areas for horses to rest, exercise, and take shelter. 

Planning: Size & Location

Arena Sizes

The type of riding being done in your arena will determine its required size. For example, a standard multi purpose arena is around 20m by 40m (130 x 70 feet), whereas a driving arena is typically 40m x 80m (130 x 260 feet).  The larger designs listed below are also considered standard sizes.

Typical Arena Sizes

Standard Multi-Purpose Driving Arenas Competition Jumping Arena

70x130 ft  (20x40 m)

130x260 ft (40x80 m) 660x660 ft (200x200 m)
70x200 ft (20x60 m) 130x330 ft (40x100 m)  
100x200 ft (30x60 m)    


A good foundation will ensure arena longevity and durability regardless of weather conditions.  If you’re building on a flat spot of native soil with no base material or grading, contact a grading contractor before adding new surface material. Their special equipment and expertise are highly recommended to excavate, grade, roll and fill the arena.  Achieving optimal footing is an art and science in itself.


Once both the size and location have been determined, shop around for the very best price for your arena.  Buildings Guide is happy to help you with this process.

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Ease of construction is one of the decisive advantages to building with steel. Steel buildings can be delivered to your site pre-drilled, cut, welded and ready to assemble.

Most pre-engineered steel buildings include a complete set of all the components required for construction. This includes an instruction manual, and the washered bolts to join the individual components together, like a large 3D jigsaw puzzle, to form the structure in a step-by-step method. The components are cut using computer technology for maximum accuracy and a perfect fit.  Since 70 percent of the work is done on the ground, many consumers are able to build the structure themselves, saving big money on labor costs!

Sample Arena Photos

Arenas are highly customizable, meaning there are many options for specialty designs.  You may wish to naturally light your stables, for example.  We have included some sample photos of pre-engineered steel arenas here, to use for inspiration in your own designs. See our agricultural photo gallery for larger images.

Author: Conrad Mackie