Prefabricated Barns - a Serious Alternative to Wood

30x40 prefab steel horse barn building

If you are looking to buy as equestrian or agricultural steel barn then you are likely wondering what solution would be the most cost-effective. As you might realize (and know from experience) contacting a general contractor is usually the most expensive option, since you are removing yourself from the project and paying someone else to do the labor, legwork and construction of your barn. While saving on cost is important, naturally you want a balance in between affordable and high quality work to protect your animals. Once you reject the idea of a general contractor, there are still a few options to choose from.

Brokers and Prefabricated Kits

You can contact a broker who will order all of your needed parts from various companies, looking for the lowest available price. However, once you receive your supplies, the broker will be done with the project. This makes the situation risky, especially if you have limited experience in constructing your own barn.

Therefore, you could look into the option of buying prefabricated horse barns. Prefab barns may carry one of two meanings, which are essentially the same thing: either you will order a modular style barn, already preassembled, or you will order a partially assembled DIY steel horse barn kit. Prefabricated barn kits come in DIY form; they are pre-manufactured parts that merely need to be assembled before your standardized barn is horse-friendly. Therefore, they are easier to build than say a traditional pole barn as no on-site cutting or modifications are required.

The best barn kits are made of steel and are reinforced by concrete. Therefore, you will be required to lay a foundation of concrete and install any internal hardware and utility accessories, such as stalls, washracks etc If this minor construction work is still beyond your skills or available scheduling, you may choose to enlist a local general contractor to complete the erection of your barn.

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The Advantages of Prefabricated Horse Barns?

Prefabricated barns are pre-engineered and so take less time in constructing (or not time at all for modular horse barns). Most barn building packages are actually built before they even leave the factory. Whereas most construction projects can last weeks or even months, pre-assembled barns can be erected in as little as one weekend. There are also additional savings in material cost, since all components are pre-cut and prepped on-site before being shipped to the customer, and literally nothing paid to laborers. (Unless you pay some neighborhood kids to help you, and why not? They deserve it!)

Another point worth mentioning is the peace of mind factor. Almost no contractor will "guarantee" his work, especially regarding any damages that may occur later on. However, manufacturers of prefabricated horse barns will usually include warranties on their barns for a few decades, some lasting as long as 40 years! The reason these companies can afford multi-year warranties is because the durability of these products is very high and tested to last. A prefab horse barn may be the most economic choice once you factor in all the details.

Author: Conrad Mackie