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30x40 prefab center aisle steel storage barn

Price is always a consideration when building a new agricultural storage barn, equine barn, or dairy barn. You may be looking for information on how to save money when you build your own barn or for more information as to what design is appropriate for your situation. The first consideration in building a horse barn is the safety of the animal. An effective barn design can protect the animal from extreme weather conditions, whether that is inclement weather or just cold, rainy days.

Your Objective in Building

First know that you have chosen correctly in going with a pre-engineered barn design. A metal barn is built with sturdy materials that can resist the power of earthquakes or hurricanes, and can likewise protect against the smallest threats such as pests, mice or even mold. Remember your objective in building a barn building; you want to keep both livestock and feed secure and dry. A steel barn should be a spacious building, not only for the horse but also for chore efficiency, for storing other materials and for the convenience of hired help.

Some Important Planning Considerations:

  • Ventilation (air quality)
  • Manure Management (spacious, environmentally safe)
  • Fire Safety (a fire extinguisher is just as important as the barn design)
  • Stall Flooring (including sub-floor quality and drainage)

What should you know about horse barn prices? One of the most economical ways to build your own barn is order a DIY barn kit. Modern metal barn kits let you save on materials cost, since they are about 60% less than employing conventional construction methods. Assembling a self-build barn also saves on time, as the trusses and other parts are easier to erect and take a short amount of time. It is also easier and more affordable to expand your barn using a steel barn kit. You can count other price advantages, such as energy efficiency, a discount on your insurance and from a generous multi-decade warranty.

Options on How to Build a Barn

You mainly have four options: First, order a prefab steel barn online. The second option is perhaps the most expensive and involves hiring general contractors who will assemble the building from scratch. If you do not want to assembly the building yourself, this may be a viable choice, as you will mainly talk to the contractor who will negotiate with a variety of individuals in order to complete the project.

Another option is to talk to brokers who are like contractors, but approach your project based on proposals from many other sources. The difference here is that their involvement ends once all the pieces are shipped.

The other two options left are ordering a steel barn kit (which is believed to be the cheapest option, but one requiring great effort) or ordering a pre-assembled barn.  Prices are comparable and range from just over $2,000 to well over $10,000 for more elaborate designs.  You might get a slight discount on a self build barn, as you will be assembling all of the parts on your own. When it comes to horse barn construction it’s all about determining how much money you want to spend and how much your time is worth.

Barn Price Estimates

Before applying for firm quotes please feel free to use our barn price estimate calculator to give you a 'ballpark' price for your new storage barn.

How much will your new horse barn cost?

Use the estimate calculators below to get a 'ballpark' price for both rigid frame steel buildings and quonset hut style barn buildings

Steel Barn
Price Estimates

Metal horse barn and storage barn price estimates

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L (ft)

Quonset Hut Barn
Price Estimate

Quonset barn price estimate calculator

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L (ft)

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Author: Conrad Mackie