Covered Riding Arena Prices & Purchasing Information

130x260 covered riding arena building in pre-engineered steel

Are you interested in building a covered arena for your horses or for a possible business venture?  The first point to realize about building or buying your own arena is that it will likely be a business venture.  It’s true that many owners want to buy an equine arena for convenience, so that they can have a property to train their horses during off-season.  However, many people who actually own riding arenas state that the upkeep of a large arena is at least a part time job if not a full time career.  You may have to spend more time managing your arena or at least hire someone to help you with such an involved project.

Buying or Building your Own Covered Arena?

These issues will also concern you if you are looking for a pre-existing arena.  If the horse arena is too small then it will be a bad investment.  Additionally, if the quality of construction is low (not in general, but in particular to the well-being of equine life) then it may be worth it to build your own arena.  You may shudder at the thought of building your own covered riding arena, since this will involve hiring an expensive contractor.  Indeed, some indoor arenas can cost several thousand dollars to complete.

However, don’t underestimate the quality of a prefabricated steel horse arena.  A prefabricated unit does not require heavy construction effort or ability, since it is pre-cut and configured for convenient assembly.  Steel framed arenas can be practically any size, just as with traditional construction.  They are also cheaper to produce, both in the cost of materials, as well as in the cost of additional expansion and labor.  

Covered riding arena prices - what can you expect to pay?  Traditional construction (lumber) an cost 50-60% more than prefab metal construction. This is due to the fact that a metal arena is pre-cut in the factory and only requires assembly once on-site. This can easily equate to a saving of $40-60,000 on a small 70x130 arena. Here are some approximate prices for starndard size indoor arena buildings:

  • 70x130 - $80,200
  • 70x200 - $107,500
  • 100x200 - $153,600
  • 130x260 - $288,000
  • 130x330 - $345,600

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Tips for Buyers

There are a few important points to consider when planning your project.  The footing of an indoor arena will determine the quality of the ride, not to mention affect miscellaneous issues like dust control.  It is recommended that builders take time to improve the quality of the sub-base layer, that is the material under the footing (such as packed and graded native soil, shingle etc).  You will also have to invest in pesticide control and plenty of equine supplies.   

When you are building a covered arena then you will want to plan for as much riding space as possible. You may not think you need a jumping arena right now but you may in the future. The best advise is to build as large as you can afford. In construction, steel is the ideal method of building, since it has a high strength-to-weight ratio and precsion engineering. You will also benefit from having the largest open-space, column free design, which means that there will be less clutter and more area for equine training & riding. This extra space in the riding arena can be used for additional stables, bleachers and storage.

Author: Conrad Mackie