Why Choose Steel For Your Factory Building?

There are so many advantages as to why steel is the best option when building your factory building. They include:

Strength: Steel has the highest strength to weight ratio of any building material. This is especially important when constructing your factory building as reliability and a strong foundation are key if you will be using heavy machinery.

Cost Savings: The inherent strength of steel means that fewer structural members are needed, which means less labor costs.

Lower Insurance: Using steel in the construction of your factory building may make you eligible for savings on insurance costs. Since steel does not burn, it will not fuel a fire like wood. When a fire reaches inside the walls of a wood-framed building, it can be difficult to extinguish. When a fire occurs in a steel building, it may be possible to contain the fire in a single area.

Durable and Weather Resistant: Steel is one of the strongest materials available today and can withstand extreme weather conditions such as: high winds, severe snow storms, hurricanes, and even earthquakes. They are also resistant to termites, creeping, cracks, splitting and rotting, thus increasing durability. There are also options for reinforcing steel against vandalism and fire and most reputable steel building manufacturers offer a 25 year warranty which gives you immediate security when building your steel factory.

Sanitary: Mold and fungus do not grow on steel.

Insect Proof: Termites, carpenter bee's and other insects and pests can not eat steel.

Stability: With high quality bolt together designs, steel buildings will stand up to hurricanes, earthquakes and other damaging storms better than buildings of other materials.

Adaptability: With Steel, building enhancements are unlimited. This is a huge factor to consider when constructing your factory, as it allows you to start off small to accommodate budget and site requirements, yet allows for easy growth to keep up with your expanding business.

Environment and Conservation: Steel is environmentally friendly. No forest lands will be destroyed when constructing your building out of steel. Furthermore steel is the most recycled material in the world, and can be recycled repeatedly without losing its strength or other properties.

Consistency: Steel is more consistent in size than other building materials, which leads to labor savings and straighter more attractive buildings.

Flexibility: Buildings of steel are easily renovated and altered for different uses due to greater distances between weight bearing structural supports.

Maintenance: A building built of steel is almost maintenance free

Value: Buildings made of steel have a higher resale value and you will more often than note make more of a return on your investment.

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Author: Conrad Mackie