Steel Boat Storage Buildings for Watercraft

Superior Storage & Protection for Your Boat and Water Toys

There’s nothing quite like the feeling of cruising on the water on a hot summer day -- but a damaged and dirty boat from not having optimal off-season protection can really dampen the mood. Invest in a high-quality steel boat storage building and rest easy knowing your water toys are in a sound, sturdy and protective structure.

Whether you need to store a boat, yacht, a Jet Ski, kayak, or canoe, a pre-engineered steel boat storage building is the best option when it comes to maintaining your toys and protecting them from the elements.

At the moment, you may be using a tarp to protect your boats from damaging sunrays, heavy rain, snow and winds. But tarps, covers and temporary storage buildings / canopies need regular replacing, and the costs add up. A one time investment in a high-quality steel storage building will last for decades, require minimal maintenance and result in greater cost-savings over time.

Whenever your boat requires maintenance or mechanical work, a pre-engineered steel structure offers a clean and immaculate space in which to work. With a separate steel storage building, there’s no need to move your vehicle out of the garage or off the driveway to work on your boat.

Not only is a prefab steel building great for storing boats and water toys, but its flexibility also affords you extra storage space for other objects like lifejackets and fishing gear. Enjoy the peace of mind knowing your valuables are in a safe and secure place, locked away from thieves or vandals.


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Size Considerations:

Before ordering your pre-engineered steel boat storage building, you must determine the exact size of your boat and how much space you will need to accommodate other potential storage items.

- When measuring the overall length of your boat, remember to include the measurements for the swim platform, engines, bow pulpits, anchors, forward railing, and outdrives (which must often be tilted up for storage and can extend the length of the boat).

- When measuring the overall height of your boat, begin at the lowest point on the boat’s keel to the highest point, including radar arrays, mast lights, hardtops, t-tops, outrigging, canopies and other add-ons. Engines and outboard motors can be excluded from this measurement is they are raised, but they will increase the overall length if you do.

- The boat’s beam is measured at the widest point and must include rub rails.

- Once you have the overall height, beam, and weight of your boat (including fuel, water and gear), you can determine which size boat storage building you will require. For example, if your boat’s beam is 10 feet 6 inches, overall height if 12 feet 6 inches, and overall length is 40 feet, then the smallest possible boat storage building you would be able to afford would be at least 12 feet x 14 feet x 42 feet.

- When choosing your boat storage building, remember you may one day own a larger boat, so if your budget can stretch it would be worthwhile building as large a building as you can.

Why use Steel for Boat Storage?

Speed: Compared to traditional construction, a pre-engineered steel boat storage building is easy to assemble. Due to its lightweight nature, steel is a user-friendly material with which to work. Enjoy the hassle-free experience of assembling a steel building kit with the ease each component fits together.

Low Cost: Using steel for a pre-fabricated metal boat storage building is a low-cost alternative to lumber. You can expect to save 40-60% on materials and erection costs. A steel building is also highly resistant to decay, mildew and rust due to its zinc and aluminum alloy coating, and will result in lower maintenance costs over time. Enjoy spending time working on the maintenance of your boat and water toys – not your boat garage building.

Durability: Steel is resistant against termite and other insect infestations, and cannot rot, mold or crack. A well-maintained steel boat building will protect your boat from insects, damaging sunrays, and harsh weather elements – keeping your investment in tiptop shape for when you plan on using it.

Strength: Steel has an incredibly high strength to weight ratio, and is one the strongest and most durable construction materials on the market. Strong enough to withstand hurricanes, gale-force winds and even tornadoes, a steel boat building proves top of the line protection against harsh weather elements and will extend your boat’s lifespan.

Environmentally Responsible: Steel is one of the most environmentally friendly materials available for construction. Most manufactured steel today contains an average of 25% recycled content. At the end of its life, a steel building is also 100% recyclable. Choosing steel saves landfill space and valuable resources.

Energy Efficiency: The components of pre-engineered steel buildings are cut with laser-like precision in the factory. As a result, the seams of your steel building will experience significantly less heat and cooling loss than a building made from a different construction material, keeping your boat and water toys from experiencing “cold cracks” during freezing winter months. Adding heat to your building is also something you may want to consider if your local climate dips below zero in winter – even a simple blower is far cheaper than a cracked head or block!

Fire Retardent: Steel is non-combustible and resistant to fire, and is therefore inexpensive to insure.

Engineered with your Safety in Mind: steel buildings are designed to comply with International Code Council (IBC-2006 and IBC-2009) standards to comply with your local wind and snow loading conditions. It is extremely important to specify the exact location for the building at time of order to ensure the building is correctly specified for your geographic location.

Benefits That are Commonly Received from Metal Boat Storage Buildings:

• Maximum protection against weather, including severe weather

• Metal boat garage kits feature quick, precise assembly

• Precise manufacturing eliminates costly waste

• Building materials are shipped directly to you

• You can build your boat storage building yourself instead of hiring an expensive crew

Metal Boat Storage Buildings Are Also Environmentally Friendly

Whether you are genuinely interested in saving the planet or you’d just like to save on your heating and cooling costs, metal boat storage buildings have smaller environmental footprints than wood buildings.

For example, the steel in your metal boat garage kit can be made from recycled steel. Also, steel buildings can be much easier to heat and cool. It’s also easy to add insulation to a steel building as the area between layers of steel is hollow.

Plus, you won’t have to waste time and money making costly repairs as steel is much more resistant to the weather than wood, which can rot, crack, warp and need to be replaced.

Finally, if your metal boat storage building ever outlives its usefulness you can simply have it recycled.

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