Presents An Emergency Preparedness Guide

emergency preparedness

An emergency is something that can be described as an event that occurs which is unexpected. The event could be a natural occurrence such as floods or tornadoes, or it could be man-made events such as from fire or other causes. Whatever the cause of the emergency, it is very important for people to react properly in the event of an emergency. The way people react can be the difference between an event that causes serious damage or injury, and one that does not.

The biggest way to reduce the chance of critical damage is with proper planning. By having an emergency plan that takes into account family, pets and personal property, occupants can reduce the risk of loss. It is a good idea to have plans in place for each disaster. In these plans each of the people in the building need to plan an escape route and have a location where all family members can meet. In addition, if you have pets, you need to consider their safety as well and provide ways to get them out of dangerous situations.

While the following is not a complete list of emergency resources, it should help get people started in the process. Please feel free to browse through these resources and we hope it assists you in being prepared in the event of an emergency.