Structural Requirements Checklist

Building Height

For Height, you are specifying the building’s Eave Height (the outer height of the building). This is typically the required Clearance Height indoors, plus 2 feet.

Door height can also contribute to determining building height. Eave Height needs to be at least 2 feet higher than door height.

  • What are the building’s desired dimensions?

    Length            Width                 Height
    ______ (ft)       ______ (ft)       ______ (ft)

Roof Pitch

Roof pitch is specified in rise:run format, so a roof that has a distance of 12 feet from its center (peak) to its outer edge (eave), and rises 4 feet from eave to peak, would have a pitch of 4:12.  Minimum roof pitch is

  • What Roof Pitch will best suit this structure?

    Roof Pitch:
    ____:____ (rise:run)

Framed Openings

Framed openings are required for any opening in a steel structure that is larger than a walk-door (the standard size meant for people to walk through), such as those designed to let machinery in and out of a building.

Framed openings are typically covered by large doors, which can be attached to door mechanisms.

Walk-doors, windows, and vents (covered under Accessories) are NOT classified as framed openings. 

  • How many Framed Openings are required, sized?
    Length       x    Width
    _____  (ft)  x    _____ (ft)
    _____  (ft)  x    _____ (ft)
    _____  (ft)  x    _____ (ft)
    _____  (ft)  x    _____ (ft)

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