Steel Building Finishes

The careful selection of an appropriate finish for a building is key to ensuring that it will look great among its surroundings. 

Manufacturer Supplied Finishes

Steel building manufacturers offer a variety of colours to choose from for their wall panels, roof panels, and the trim that lines the edges of their buildings, sealing them off from wind, rain, etc.  Some also produce panels with acrylic stucco or simulated concrete finishes, which can look fantastic, and save you significant application time and money.

You can, of course, paint and finish your steel building yourself, although manufacturers warrany their coatings, surfaces, and paint jobs adding incentive for you to purchase components that have been pre-finished.

Paint and finish warranties can range from years, to decades, to half a century, depending on the finish grade.  Unpainted panels, coated with Galvalume (a zinc-aluminum coating), are typically warrantied for 20 years.

Adding Your Own Professional Finish

Professional finishes like wood paneling, stucco, brickwork, or masonry, can be applied to make your steel building look like any other type of structure.  With a professionally applied high-quality finish, the only way someone will be able to tell that the building is pre-engineered steel, will be by noticing that the building feels particularly sturdy and sound.  If you do decide to add your own after-market finish, general contractors can be hired to do this. 

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