Project Overview Design and Planning Stage

We have organized the basic steps of a steel building project here in this general overview, to give you a sense of what to expect in taking on your own steel building project. For more in-depth overviews of specific projects, be sure to check out our Sub-Guides, linked in the left hand column.

1) Project Planning and Design

Chapter 3 was devoted to walking you through this stage, which includes steps like:

  • Checking with Building Codes Expert
  • Specification of structural requirements
  • Building design type selection
  • Choice of insulation, accessories, and finish

2) Engineering

Once you’ve specified your requirements to a manufacturer, the manufacturer will draw out and engineer a structure based on your specs, and on the load requirements for your region. If you fill out our free online quotes form, a number of manufacturers will get back to you with project proposals.

3) Ordering and Deposit

When you feel that you’ve found the manufacturer of the structure you want, and the design has been okayed by the local code authority, it is time to place an order and put down a deposit. When you put down a deposit, companies may send plans and erection diagrams, which will allow you to prepare the construction site ahead of time. The manufacturer may also offer to send you the appropriate Anchor Bolts, which will anchor the building to its foundation, so that you can lay the foundation ahead of time.

4) Manufacturing and Delivery

The manufacturer will then go to work filling your order. This is a good time to schedule a qualified erector, to be present on the day of delivery, for receipt of the order, and to begin construction.

You will want to know when the erector is available before you call the supplier/manufacturer to schedule a delivery date. This is important because you, the customer, are responsible for receipt of your order. When materials are delivered, you must check everything that has arrived with what you are being billed for. Shortages or damaged materials must be verified with the carrier, or the supplier will not be held responsible. Visit our separate Delivery Day page for more information.

If construction is not taking place immediately, building materials must be adequately covered and protected.

5) Site Preparation

The construction site can be prepared while the components of the structure are being manufactured. The erector can help determine what needs to be done to prepare the site. We have a separate page devoted to Steel Building Foundations, which includes helpful tips on site prep activities, like surveying, and laying the foundation.

6) Erection

Our Assembly Tips page provides some helpful hints for a safe and cost-efficient construction project.

When it comes time to erect the building, be sure to have everything that the erector has agreed to do in writing, within the contract documents, so that there is no confusion as to the erector’s responsibilities.

7) Finishing

Specialized finishing takes place after the building has been constructed. This can be handled by a general contractor.

8) Approval (AKA: Walkthrough)

Upon completion, you must schedule a walkthrough with a local building inspector.

Now that you have read through a steel building project general overview, you may wish to read up on steel buildings designed specifically for a particular end-use.  Buildings Guide has a lot of information about pre-engineered steel buildings for a wide range of functions!  Thank you for taking the time to work through our General Guide!

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