Steel Building Designs

There are two categories of design types, with various subcategories.  Each design has its own benefits and its optimum range of sizes.  With both design types, building length is virtually unlimited.

Quonset Hut (or Arch) Designs

This is the most popular arched building type, due to its extended width, superior strength, durability, & economy Width: from 20'-100'

Least expensive arch design
With its straight walls, the S-Model is best suited for warehouse & equipment storage, as inventory can be stored against all walls with virtually no wasted space Width: from 16'-60'

More expensive than Q-Model, less expensive than P-Model
With its traditional gable-style appearance and & high sidewall clearance, the P-Model is best suited to backyard applications like garages & workshops Width: from 16'-30'

Most expensive arch design (still less expensive than straight walls)

For further information see our introduction to Quonset Hut buildingsArch designs have their own benefits and advantages over Straight walls. These primarily include strength and sturdiness.  These buildings provide the best protection in hurricane and earthquake zones. They are also very economical: arch buildings can cost 30% less than straightwalls of the same size.  Some customers like the distinct look of an arch building.

Straight Wall (or Rigid Frame) Designs

Straight Wall Steel Building Designs
Straight Column
Straight Column systems economically offer clear interior space up to seventy feet in width. Used for: offices, small retail stores, and other commercial applications Bay Spacings: 20'-30'

Eave Heights: 10'-20'

Spans: 20'-70'

(Gabled or Single Sloped)
Straight Wall Steel Building Designs

Straight Wall Steel Building Designs
Single Slope

Rigid Frame (column-free clearspan) systems offer sturdy solutions with large, unobstructed interior space.  Indicated for recreational applications (gymnasiums and auditoriums), aircraft hangers, and other large commercial buildings Bay Spacings: 20'-30'

Eave Heights: 10'-25'

Spans: 20'-150'

(Gabled or Single Sloped)
Straight Wall Steel Building Designs
Beam and Column
Beam-and-Column systems can be used to construct economical, massive buildings, with immense floor space, and flexible ease of expansion.  These buildings are ideal for warehouses and industrial purposes Bay Spacings: 20'-30'

Eave Heights: 10'-25'

Spans: 80'-300'

Modules: 40', 50', 60' & 75'

(Gabled or Single Sloped)
Straight Wall Steel Building Designs
Lean-to (aka: Wing)
Lean-To’s allow quick and inexpensive expansion to an existing building, without interrupting its internal operations. A lean-to can be finished with the same material as its parent building, making it perfect for all sorts of applications Bay Spacings: 20'-30'

Eave Heights: 10'-25'

Spans: 20'-50'

Also see: Finding the right designWith their traditional look and feel, straight wall advantages over arches are primarily cosmetic.  Straight walls also provide sound and sturdy protection.  Although they are typically a little more expensive than arched metal building systems, they are still less costly and go up much quicker than buildings constructed of other materials.

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