Educational Building Resources

Welcome to our educational resources section. Here we focus on a broad range of topics relating to construction, building planning, green energy and even some fun and interesting facts about metals, recycling and much more.

Kids Guide To Building Bird Homes

If you enjoy watching birds in your own backyard, you can encourage them to nest and feed nearby by creating a permanent home. Although birds do not actually live inside of manmade bird structures, they will often take advantage of them as a place to build nests to raise their young. There are many types of native U.S. birds that will build nests in man-made structures made of wood or other sturdy materials that provide shelter from weather and predators.

Metal Detecting: A Complete Guide for Beginners

Ever since the great Gold Rush of the 1800s, people have been fascinated with the idea of finding hidden treasures underground. In fact, it has caught on so widely that metal detecting is now considered a legitimate hobby. Those who practice it are known as metal detectorists. Metal detection is not only practiced as a hobby. In fact, it has been proven to be highly useful in several other areas such as archeology, forensic police investigations, and even military purposes.

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