Custom Built Steel Churches

High-End Custom Structures at an Affordable Price

If you’re in need of a larger church but are lacking the funds to take on a costly construction project at the moment, a pre-engineered steel building could be the answer for you.

Imagine having up to 300 feet of vast, open and column-free worship space that can continue to accommodate more people as your congregation grows. Imagine the gorgeous and warm acoustics your choir, organist or band will enjoy from having an unobstructed space in which to perform. Imagine a space in which each individual has a clear view of the congregation leader and can eagerly listen to and participate in sermons.

No matter your religion, a pre-engineered church building can transform your dreams into reality.

Choosing a pre-engineered building brings the promise of a high-quality, strong and sturdy structure at an affordable price. Engineered to withstand gale-force winds, hurricanes and even earthquakes, your congregation is in safe hands with a metal church building. In fact, if you live in a hurricane-prone region, a church can provide a secure safe haven for people to weather out the storm.

A common concern for some, a prefab church building need not appear like an industrial building or warehouse. The appearance of your church can be customized to mimic the traditional style of your existing church with any number of exterior finishes, including brickwork, masonry, stucco, or wood siding. Attractive stained glass windows can complete the look to suit the unique desires of your congregation.

Choosing cost-effective steel can also help you achieve the rest your congregation’s needs—like customizing your church to include gathering rooms, a sanctuary, office space, an auditorium, a child-friendly room for Sunday School, and even a gym or playground—all within your budget.

Funding is often an obstacle for churches to overcome, but investing in a prefab building is the most affordable option on the market. Compared to brick, the traditional building material of choice for churches, steel is relatively inexpensive for those with budget limitations.

As components for a metal building are pre-engineered, the cost of labor is also significantly cheaper and easy to assemble (even church volunteers can assist in the assembly of a steel church building).

Steel church buildings can also be assembled relatively quickly compared to traditional construction methods, ensuring the least amount of disruption to your church services.


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Why Steel For Church Buildings?

Cost Savings: Choosing a steel building for your church will save you money both in the short-term and long-term. Construction is quick with pre-engineered components and requires less manpower to assemble, resulting in low labour costs. A metal church is also highly resistant to decay, mildew and rust due to its zinc and aluminum alloy coating, and will result in lower maintenance costs over time.

Environmentally Friendly: Steel is an incredibly green material to use in construction. In fact, most manufactured steel today contains an average of 25 per cent recycled content, and its eco-friendly advantages don’t end there. At the end of its life, a steel building is also 100 per cent recyclable. As a result, choosing steel for your building projects helps to prevent construction materials from entering landfills. Using steel for your building needs will help to reduce your carbon footprint, and prevent wasting of valuable resources like timber for construction projects.

Insurance Advantages: As steel is a non-combustible and fireproof material, it is relatively inexpensive to insure. In fact, you can expect to save up to 40 per cent on insurance premiums if you choose to build your church with steel.

Fire Proof: Due to steel’s high melting point, a steel church will help to prevent flame from spreading outside the room in which it is contained. In fact, a case study of a California steel-built home saw a fire which started in the kitchen melt the plastic throughout the kitchen, but unable to spread to other areas. As a result, the flames eventually smoldered leaving the home filled with smoke, but still structurally in tact.

Speed: Due to its lightweight nature, steel is a user-friendly material to work with and assemble, saving you cash on hiring a contractor. Steel components are also cut with laser-like precision, ensuring easy assembly that anyone can help to assemble, no construction experience necessary. Enjoy the hassle-free experience of assembling a church that even church volunteers can assist with.

High Strength to Metal Ratio: Strong enough to stand up when faced with extreme weather like hurricanes, hail and strong winds, a metal building promises the best possible protection for your congregation. Our buildings are designed to comply with International Code Council standards according to local wind and snow loading conditions, and it is therefore the exact location of your building site to ensure the correct materials are provided.

Energy Efficient: The components of our pre-engineered steel building are cut with laser-like precision in the factory. As a result, the seams of your church building will experience significantly less heat and cooling loss than a building made from a different construction material.

Flexibility: The safety and stability provided by steel for church buildings extends to a variety of other purposes. Once complete, your steel church can be used for many other end uses, including use as a disaster centre to protect residents during a hurricane or earthquake.

Custom Prefab Church Buildings… a new choice in building

Get the most out of your new church building by spending the time with designers to maximise on visual appeal whilst maximising your overall savings. Your new church needs to fit the aesthetic and spiritual needs of your congregation. So, working with a designer is a key first step in defining and designing for your congregation's needs. And although the core of the building is metal, the interior and exterior are totally customizable.

Metal buildings for church use are attractive, last for generation, and can be enjoyed by all!

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