Pre-Engineered Steel Community Buildings

Whether you need a new community building, school, fire station, recreation centre, police station, town hall or municipal office, a pre-engineered steel building is a high-quality, customizable structure that is sure to fit any budget.

Public gathering areas should feel comfortable, welcoming and be the pride and joy of your community. A steel structure need not look like an industrial warehouse. From stucco to siding, brickwork or slate, our steel community buildings come with endless exterior finishing options to create a high-end appearance that your residents will be proud to boast as their own.

A prefabricated steel structure promise flexibility for whatever your community’s needs, all while guaranteeing a safe and secure building that will last for generations.

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Why Pre-Engineered for Community Buildings?

When constructing a building for public use and gatherings, you want a safe environment that is durable and able to withstand insect infestations, rot, and weather extremes.

Today, building a structure that is also environmentally friendly and can help slow depletion of our planet’s natural resources is equally important.

A pre-engineered steel building is all of those things – attractive, unique, energy efficient and eco-friendly.

Steel is one of the most recycled and recyclable building materials available. As communities become more conscious of their carbon footprints and the demands put on the environment as a result of their choices, choosing a material that is both recycled and recyclable is an important step in architectural planning.

Because prefab houses are built in a factory, they undergo from rigorous inspections before they are delivered for assembly. As a result, pre-engineered steel buildings have been shown to withstand even the most fierce storms and hurricanes. For example, in 1992 when Hurricane Andrew’s category four winds hit Florida, the Federal Emergency Management Agency reported that prefabricated homes with steel framing had survived the ferocity of the storm’s high winds much better than conventional residential framing.

Not only does steel’s strength offer stability against hurricanes, earthquakes, and fire – but it also withstands termites and other pests that can cause serious structural damage to other building materials like wood.

Another major benefit in choosing a pre-engineered steel building is the shorter construction time. Pre-engineered buildings are assembled much faster than the amount of time required for traditional construction, meaning your community’s residents will be inconvenienced for the shortest possible time. A traditional community centre could take as long as two years to build, whereas a pre-engineered structure can be complete in a matter of weeks or months.

The reason why steel has not been more widely used until now is mostly due to the fact it was hard to find builders who know how to build with it. However, choosing steel for everything from homes to garages to community centers is becoming more and more prevalent, and companies specializing in creating pre-engineered steel buildings are becoming easier to find.

Join the trend and see why a steel building could be the perfect solution for your community’s needs.

Building Design Options

Quonset Buildings

Quonset Communirtl Steel Building
  • Ideal for projects on a tight budget
  • Perfect for hurricane & earthquake zones
  • Simple construction process

Straight Wall Buildings

Steel Church Building
  • Unlimited exterior finishing options
  • Cheaper than traditional construction
  • Fast & efficient construction