Prefab Metal Dog Kennel Buildings

Pre-Engineered metal dog kennel building Metal indoor dog kennel buildings are the perfect low cost, low maintenance solution for profession dog breeders, kennel operators and trainers. Long lasting, low maintenance pre-engineered buildings are comfortable, secure and customizable inside and out. And completely pooch friendly!


Ten Reasons to Choose Metal Kennel Buildings:

  1. Reduced construction time and enhanced kennel quality due to the fact that metal does not splinter like wood. This also adds up to a safer environment for animals in your care

  2. Lower material and labor costs equal savings of up to 60 percent over traditional construction

  3. Add on as your business grows. Prefabricated components and bolt-on construction makes add-on expansion easy and inexpensive. And no disruption of regular operations - a major feature for indoor, dog boarding kennel businesses

  4. An ideal choice in severe weather areas. Nothing is more economical, durable or sturdier than all-metal prefab construction

  5. Energy savings with climate control result in ideal conditions, care and comfort for kenneled animals

  6. Be good to the earth and environmentally responsible, too, with kennel buildings of recycled materials

  7. Low risk indoor kennels for dogs naturally cost less to insure. Look for insurance premium savings of up to 40% compared to wood built structures

  8. Minimal maintenance and mold rot and pest resistant equals real operating cost savings. Super durable prefab kennel buildings are a safe, intelligent choice. No painting, replacing rotten boards & roof tiles.

  9. Single Source Assurance provides a single warranty on the entire structure from one supplier -- typically 25 years

  10. Modern, image-enhancing all-metal boarding kennel operations provide a finish, texture and color to suit every situation

Metal dog kennel buildings are the practical, economical and intelligent choice for commercial dog boarding and kennel facilities


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