Can Steel Buildings Withstand Hurricane Force Winds?

Quonset building can be designed to withstand hurricanes

The simple answer is yes, correctly specified & engineered steel buildings can withstand hurricane force winds. A second answer is that many of them have been tested in the most severe weather conditions including hurricanes and earthquakes and, depending on the design, do, in fact stand-up-to very strong winds.

Quonset Huts (see here for more) are some of the strongest buildings available on the market. Due to their arched roof structure these buildings can withstand most hurricanes and also have the benefit that snow simply slides off the structure in winter.

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One of the greatest advantages of metal buildings is that they are built to last. They can be designed to withstand the most severe weather conditions, including snow storms, hurricanes and earthquakes. Prefab buildings use high-grade, commercial quality, 26-gauge premium steel that is resistant to rust and other forms of weather damage. They are constructed using techniques that make them more durable and stronger than conventionally constructed buildings. Pre-engineered are also resistant to other forms of damage, including termites and salt corrosion. This resistance allows metal buildings to retain a high degree of structural integrity over time.

The devastating effect of storms like Hurricane Katrina has led engineers to design steel buildings with a high degree of wind resistance. Studies have shown that the junctures of walls and the edges of the roof are areas most likely to fail under conditions of extreme wind. As a result, today’s structural designs provide extra reinforcement in these critical areas. Most buildings can be engineered to resist hurricane damage and can withstand wind forces up to 170 mph!

Quonset buildings (as seen above) have by far the best high-speed wind resistance of any building due to their curved, wind resistant, form. If you live in a hurricane zone then a Quonset hut structure would definately serve you very well.

When hurricanes strike in Florida and other storm-prone areas, prefab buildings are often the only structures that survive intact. If you live in Florida or another area that experiences hurricanes, make sure before buying a building that the manufacturer has complied with local regulations and building codes to ensure your structure is specified for local conditions such as wind load & snow load.

Finally, you can be assured that building suppliers that work with BuildingsGuide will ensure that your building is designed to comply with your local codes for wind, snow and seismic conditions in your area – ensuring you have the safest building possible.

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