Can you insulate a steel building?

Steel buildings owe their durability to the unique properties of steel, which include high strength, low weight, corrosion resistance and flexibility. One of the properties of steel that must be considered when constructing a metal building is that it conducts heat well. This means that in warm weather, heat is transferred in and retained by the building. In cold weather, heat is transferred out. Condensation can be another problem in these buildings. The good news is that heat transfer and condensation can be controlled with proper insulation, ventilation and a vapor control system.

The climate where a metal building is constructed will determine whether insulation is needed. If a building is installed in a temperate climate and is used primarily for storage, insulation may not be needed. Buildings that are erected in more extreme climates or that are being used as a workplace or residence should be insulated. Besides making the building more comfortable, insulation will provide savings in energy consumption.

Additional benefits of insulation in a steel building are in the areas of acoustics and lighting. Buildings that are used for commercial and agricultural purposes can have a problem with sound echo and amplification. Insulation will dampen sound and create a quieter indoor environment. Using a light-colored insulation can help conduct light more evenly throughout the structure Also see our other insulation articles here and here

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