How Much Does it Cost to Build a Horse Barn?

60x40 storage barn with hay loft

The total cost of a barn is determined by the cost for materials and labor. In terms of labor, hiring a general contractor to build a barn is one of the most expensive options. Paying a contractor and construction crew will make the cost of labor a large percentage of the total cost of the barn. By eliminating the need for a general contractor, you can significantly reduce the cost of a barn.

Prefabricated barns are pre-engineered and are delivered in a ready-to-assemble form. A few skilled workers can put together a prefabricated steel barn in just a few days (compared to weeks required for construction of a traditional wooden barn). Prefab barns offer major savings in the cost of labor and materials (with prefabricated barns there is virtually no material waste).

A traditionally constructed barn will typically cost at least $45 per square foot. In contrast, prefab metal barns range in price between $7 and $25 per square foot. The savings available with prefab barns are immediately apparent. As a bonus, a prefabricated building usually comes with a multi-year warranty, providing peace of mind that just isn’t available with traditionally constructed wooden pole barn type buildings.

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Design Considerations that will Affect your Barn Price:

  • How many horses will live in the barn?
  • What size horse stalls do you need? (10'x10', 12'x12')
  • Do you need a tack room?
  • Do you need a wash rack for horses?
  • How much space do you need for feed?
  • Will you need a hayloft in your barn?
  • Do you need to store equipment in the barn such a s a tractor?
  • Will you need a Foaling Box? (If so, this should be at least 12'x12')
  • Will you feed your animals in your barn?
  • Do you need a wide center aisle through the middle as a pass-through?

Steel is one of the most durable and safe materials for constructions, offering resistance to hurricanes, fires and earthquakes. Steel is also resistant to conditions that can seriously damage wood, including pests, rot and mold. The durability of steel translates to savings in insurance costs. In addition to savings in construction, materials and insurance costs, metal barns can offer savings in maintenance and upkeep for many years to come.

What is an average square foot cost for building a barn?

The average price of a steel barn will depend on the size you need and the style of building that you choose. Barns are available in both the straight wall system as well as the arched (or Quonset) style. 

Straight wall barns cost between $7 and $25 per square foot. The total cost will depend on the size (the larger the barn, the lower the square foot cost is), as well as the stalls and accessories necessary. 

Quonset style barns on the other hand, are less expensive to build. They will generally cost between $5 and $15 per sq ft, but you will need to take into account the different stalls and accessories you may need with arched walls. Choosing the S- or P-model Quonset will give you more usable floor space and wall space than the Q-model arched barn.

Consider that accessories will add at least 20% to the cost of materials and don’t forget delivery and labor costs to build your barn. 

When comparing these costs with wooden framed barn structures, remember that steel barns will require very little maintenance, will be raised in a short time and offer incredible durability for years. Add in these benefits with the economical price of steel barns and they are clearly your best choice.

How Much Does a Barn Cost per Square Foot?

# Stalls / Barn Dimensions Barn Cost Stall Cost
2 stall barn 30x40 $10,800 $2,300
4 stall barn 40x40 $14,400 $4,600
6 stall barn 40x60 $21,600 $6,900
8 stall  barn 40x80 $25,600 $9,200
10 stall barn 40x90 $28,800 $11,500
12 stall barn 40x100 $32,000 $13,800
14 stall barn 40x150 $48,000 $16,100

Based upon the above sample barn prices, average square foot costs can range from $9 per sq ft for a smaller 1200SF barn to $7/sq ft for a larger 14-stall barn.

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