What is the Cost Estimate of an Industrial Building?

Pre-engineered industrial warehouse building

Any cost estimate for an industrial steel building must take into account a number of variables. No two building projects are exactly alike and differences in requirements will affect the cost. The intended function of the building is one of the biggest factors that can influence cost. Some uses call for heavier and more expensive structural framing and more interior insulation, which will drive up the building cost. Finishing options, such as the type of roof installed on a metal building, can also increase building costs. In areas with extreme weather conditions, the type of roof that’s installed may be mandated by law. The higher cost in this case is a requirement rather than an option.

Taking all of these qualifications into account, the typical cost estimate for a basic steel industrial building is approximately $10 to $25 per square foot. This does not include the cost of land where the building is constructed, or the cost of site preparation and foundation. This cost estimate covers the base building material i.e framing, siding & roof system. Remember that this is just a general estimate.

It is worth noting that as building size increases the square footage cost decreases, here is a simple chart to illustrate the building costs based on the building footprint:

Building Dimensions (feet) Square Footage Estimate Building Cost Price per Square Foot
30x60 1,800 $20,700 $11.50
60x40 2,400 $27,600 $11.50
40x80 3,200 $32,800 $10.25
50x120 6,000 $61,400 $10.23
80x100 8,000 $81,900 $10.23
100x150 15,000 $115,200 $7.68

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