Custom Built Steel Fire Stations To Protect Those Who Protect Us

The Jewel of Your Community

Firefighters work hard to ensure the safety of their community’s residents is top priority. Guarantee them the same security with a strong, sturdy and dependable fire station from which they can operate.

Metal fire station buildings promise spectacular strength and phenomenal durability that is sure to be the jewel of your community, all at an affordable price that won’t break the bank.

Compared to other building materials, steel is the most cost-effective option on the market.

Just because your fire station is made out of steel doesn’t mean it needs to look like a warehouse. Choose from any number of exterior finishes to complement the rest of your community’s overall architectural style, from brick to stucco, siding or even stone.

Choosing steel is the promise of not only a stunning building, but also one with outstanding durability and sound structural integrity.


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Things to Consider:

Building Size: Determining the best size for your steel fire station to accommodate all your current department needs now, and won’t inhibit your fire department from growing in the future, is the most important initial step in planning.

Do you plan on having multiple bunkrooms for both male and female firefighters, or engine and medic crews? Do you need to have decontamination facilities on site? What about storage space? Are your firefighters in need of a fitness and training area, and a kitchen space? What about a laundry room with a specific washer for turnout gear? What size and type of floor drains do you want? What is the best vehicle exhaust system for your facility?

Visiting other fire halls in neighboring communities can be helpful in determining your wants and needs before pulling out the measuring tape. Consider hiring an architect to help design the best possible layout for your new steel fire station before you even place an order.

Funding: A necessary evil, your pre-engineered steel fire station cannot be built without the required funding. One option worth exploring is Tax Increment Financing, or TIF, funds. TIF funds are structured so that current infrastructure improvements can be made from future tax revenues. Borrowing from the future is a way to invest in your community now, and bring the much-needed prosperity later.

Why Steel for Fire Station Buildings?

Speed of Construction: Metal fire stations are cut with laser-like precision in the factory, ensuring pieces fit together easily and quickly making for efficient assembly. Don’t compromise the safety of your community’s residents by having your firefighters operating out of a construction zone for months, even years, on end. Due to its lightweight nature, steel is also a user-friendly material to work with and can be assembled quickly and efficiently. Enjoy the hassle-free experience of assembling a steel fire station even your firefighters can help to construct. A metal fire station can be built in just a few days, and will be ready to use in almost no time.

Low Costs: Steel is an incredibly affordable alternative to other construction materials like lumber or brick. In fact, by choosing a steel building for a fire station, you can expect to save up to 60% on both material and labor costs as a pre-engineered steel building can be assembled without the need for specialized builders.

Strength and Durability: Steel has an incredibly high strength to weight ratio. Strong enough to withstand hurricanes, gale-force winds and even tornadoes, a steel building provides first-rate protection for your firefighters against harsh weather. Our buildings are also designed to comply with International Code Council (IBC-2006 and IBC-2009) standards to comply with your local wind and snow loading conditions, ensuring a safe environment for your firefighters, even during windy and snowy conditions.

Energy Efficiency: The components of our pre-engineered steel building are cut with laser-like precision in the factory. As a result, the seams of your steel fire station will experience significantly less heat loss than a building made from a different construction material, creating the optimal work environment temperature.

Fire Resistance: The best training environment, steel is 100 per cent fire resistant. If, by a chance, a fire in a training zone gets out of hand, your firestation is well protected against the flames.

Environmental Responsibility: Help reduce your carbon footprint by choosing a pre-engineered steel building. Most manufactured steel contains at least 25% recycled steel, and is 100% recyclable once your steel building’s lifespan is over. You may even be eligible for LEED certification and local grants for building green. Also, check with the IRS as they are currently offering significant tax deductions, by the square foot, for Energy Efficient Commercial Buildings.

Insurance Savings: Due to the strength against earthquakes and hurricanes, and fireproof and pest-resistance qualities of steel, you can expect to save up to 40% on insurance premiums with a prefab steel fire station. Those savings can go back into the fire department’s annual budget, or can be used to add other luxury items to the station’s interior.

Reduced Maintenance Costs: Steel, which is coated in a zinc and aluminum alloy coatings, is incredibly durable and requires minimal maintenance during its lifetime. Steel will not rot, crack, warp and is not susceptible to mold or mildew growth. Unlike wood, steel also doesn’t require re-painting every few years to maintain its durability, resulting in lower costs well after construction is complete.

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