Steel Building Photo Gallery

Welcome to the BuildingsGuide Image Gallery.  Our goal at BuildingsGuide is to share our knowledge and experience in the pre-engineered steel buildings market with our visitors, so that they may make an informed purchasing decision whilst gaining a better understanding of the innovative structures that we have come to be so enthusiastic about.

Image Galleries by End Use:

Within the photo gallery, we display a multitude of customer photographs showcasing metal building systems for every application.  We feature interior and exterior photographs of both Arched Quonset Hut Designs, and Straight Wall Constructions (see building styles for features of each style), to provide examples of the superior structural design and vast potential for diverse and attractive finishing options that Metal Building Systems are renowned for.

See first-hand why steel building customers are so impressed by the price tags attached to these state-of-the-art structures – whose construction takes literally a fraction of the time required to erect comparable buildings of other materials.  For detailed information on what you see in these photos, and to build your own steel building knowledge base, please visit our Steel Buildings Buyers' Guide.

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