30x40 Barns

A 30x40 metal barn kit is a durable and long-lasting solution that offers 1,200 sq ft of column-free floor space to store machinery, equipment, feed, or livestock. Adjust the barn height and configure end wall and sidewall doors to meet your storage requirements. Start the process by applying for quotes and let our experienced suppliers assist in configuring your ideal barn layout.

30x40 barn with sliding doors
30x40 barn with sliding doors
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1,200 sq. ft.
30 yr warranty
Solid Steel
Made in USA

Sample 30x40 Barn Layout

This small barn kit measures 30x40x12 and has been configured with two 10x12 sliding doors in the left end wall to allow easy access for large machinery and a further 10x12 sliding door in the front sidewall. This setup essentially allows you to create two independently accessible spaces within the steel barn. Other features include a gabled roof with a 4:12 pitch and a 3x7 walk door. The barn is finished in fern green and almond.   Design is for inspiration only. All barns are customized to YOUR specs. 

Floor plan for 30x40 barn building for agricultural storage
PLEASE NOTE: Floor plans & designs are for inspirational purposes only. All barns are custom made to your specifications.
Installed barn kits from: $25 - $50 Per Sq Ft

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