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Steel is, without a doubt, the best choice for a commercial construction project. A pre-engineered steel building costs less than any other type of construction, not only to purchase, but to erect, own & maintain. To quote from the summary section of Tata Construction's materials comparison, 'Supporting the Commercial Decision:' 1 “The study showed that steel-based systems offer the cheapest and quickest forms of construction for commercial buildings.” Faster erection means you will be in business, generating revenue sooner.

Why are More & More Retail Locations Choosing Steel?

Furthermore, by choosing a pre-engineered steel building, you are choosing a durable structure that is protected by warranty, from a single-source, with components guaranteed to last. Steel's durable, weather and fire-resistant nature also can mean insurance saving for a retail project. Since pre-engineered steel buildings can be finished with any exterior, commercial customers are learning to cross two hurdles with one leap, by employing an ultra-fire resistant, attractive masonry finish for their exterior (this is actually where the term “firewall” comes from). However, technologies are continually improving, and gorgeous exteriors are now being achieved with metal alone, that take advantage of steel's non-combustible nature. Keep premiums as low as possible by expressing a desire to obtain maximum insurance savings to your manufacturer right from the beginning, and you will cash in on steel's inherent strengths.


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An eye to sustainable practices is absolutely essential for commercial buyers who want to stay competitive. We are entering an era where it simply is too costly not to adopt sustainable and energy efficient practices. Consider the following quote, taken from Facilities Management Journal: “According to a study conducted in 2008, Energy Star and LEED buildings produce higher rental rates, occupancy rates, and sales prices in comparison to ones that are not Energy Star or LEED certified. Energy Star building rental rates are $2.40 per square foot higher than those without the Energy Star designation, and they also have a 3.6% higher occupancy rate. And if that is not enough to convince you of the importance of those certifications, then consider that they (re)sell for an average of $61 more per square foot.” 2

Steel buildings are at the forefront of the Green Building movement. In fact, steel building systems lend themselves so perfectly to sustainable building practices, that a research-oriented organization has been formed in Canada, called the Carbon Neutral Steel Building Systems Research Project (CN-SBS), made up of numerous prominent organisations within the industry, along with the University of Waterloo's School of Architecture and School of Engineering. “The objective of the CN-SBS research project is to show how steel can be used in the context of a carbon neutral building project. More specifically, this research will show how a rigid-framed, steel building system can be used to help create a carbon neutral retail building.” 3

Why are businesses paying building owners higher rent for LEED and Energy Efficient buildings? While we hope that environmental awareness is of consideration, and will help them attract customers, we suspect the reasons also have to do with savings on HVAC & heating and cooling systems for building interiors, government tax incentives, and other rewards programs, like those offered by hydro and power companies for sustainable practices. Pre-engineered steel buildings achieve the best insulation values – better even than other steel framed constructions, as shown by Terrence Love in an article referenced on our Steel Factories main page. BuildingsGuide looks forward to providing you with more top-quality research on Green Building practices and incentives at our Green Buildings blog section.

Pre-engineered steel retail buildings provide the best value for their money, helping you get in business faster, and saving you money in the future, in a multiplicity of different areas.

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