Small Metal Buildings - Designed for Do-It-Yourselfers!

Considering building a storage shed, a garage, wood shop, RV garage, a boat building or any other type of small residential building?

Well, if so, here’s something you are going to quickly learn as you do your research on the subject – when it comes to constructing these types of buildings one material stands head and shoulders above the competition … and that material is metal.

Metal has been the leading choice for small residential building construction for going on 50 years and current trends show that percentage increasing even more now as more people become aware of metal’s benefits.

In fact, according to the latest statistics, on a square footage basis more than twice the amount of non-home construction in 2008 was steel-based compared to other building materials such as wood! Additional information on the various kit building features and benefits may be found on this page.

Metal Building Design Options

Quonset Buildings

Quonset Hut small metal buildings
  • Low cost of ownership
  • Wind, snow & earthquake resistant
  • Cheap -  from $5 / square foot!

Straight Wall Buildings

Prefab metal buildings for residential storage
  • Appealing “traditional” building design
  • Fast & simple do it yourself construction
  • DIY buildings from $7 / square foot

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Small Metal Buildings Offer Construction Cost Savings, Reduced Construction Times & Greater Energy Efficiency!

Today’s recession has made builders really look to save money anywhere they can in their projects and that, in turn, has led more and more of them to steel.

Take a look at just some of the many benefits of constructing a small metal building instead of a small wood building:

  • Up to a 60% reduction in labor and material costs
  • Greater weather resistance
  • Greater durability over time
  • Greater energy efficiency
  • Lower maintenance costs
  • Easier to expand should that be necessary in the future

Small Metal Buildings Offer Clear Value for the Building Owner in Terms of Overall Project Costs & Long-Term Benefits When Compared to Wood

Small metal buildings feature efficient, easy-to-assemble designs that go up in a matter of hours, rather than days or weeks or months or even years as is often the case with wood.

In addition, today’s residential metal building kits are precise and designed with an emphasis on both construction speed and convenience – speed and convenience that wood with all its imperfections and lack of uniformity simply can’t match.

Small metal buildings feature technically superior design and tooling, so the building kit components fit together perfectly.

When you choose to build a small metal storage building or a small metal shop or some other type of small metal building chances are you’ll love the ease of construction … and the savings.

Thanks to metal's unique properties, and the high-tech engineering that goes into small metal buildings, they're very inexpensive – often costing up to 50 percent less than wood.

This savings can definitely make your hobby shop or dream garage a lot more budget-friendly!

The really good news is that a small metal building for residential use can be finished to match any exterior, including brick, masonry, stucco and many others.

That’s another reason why metal is the intelligent choice for small residential construction projects.

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Here’s Yet Another Benefit of Small Metal Buildings – They Come in a Variety of Sizes & Can Be Customized!

Straight wall buildings can feature a 4 to 12 pitch roof and widths ranging from 10 to 50 feet. The length of the small metal building can then be customized to fit your available space. This style of small metal building is perfect if you want a small metal storage building or small metal shop that fits in with the local residential architecture while offering more than sufficient space.

Quonset buildings, which are named for Quonset, Rhode Island, the town where these small metal buildings were first constructed during World War II, typically range from 20 to 80 feet wide with unlimited lengths. The rounded shape of the Quonset small metal buildings has been proven to be one of the strongest structures in architecture – capable of withstanding strong hurricanes, tornadoes, earthquakes and heavy snow. Plus, since the Quonset small metal buildings don’t have beams or trusses, you get 100% useable space in your structure. This type of small metal building is ideal for a wide variety of uses, everything ranging from a backyard shop to an airplane hangar.

With today’s residential metal building kits being constructed in state of the art facilities that feature fully automated, computer aided manufacturing steel lines you can count on receiving a precise design no matter which model you select and no matter what your needed dimensions are.

Additional Factors to Consider When Deciding Between Building a Small Metal Building & a Small Wood Building:

Steel has been shown to be much more resistant to the weather when compared to wood, which can expand in hot temperatures and which can warp and even rot after prolonged exposure to rain and snow.

It’s also easy to add the ideal amount of insulation between the layers of steel in your small metal building to ensure the inside of your structure is protected from extreme external temperatures and is always comfortable.

Small metal buildings are more environmentally friendly than small wood buildings.

For example, the metal used in constructing small metal buildings is often made from recycled metals.

Also, residential metal building kits have been precisely designed so you don’t have to worry about having any excess waste material as is often the case when building a wood structure.

Finally, if your small metal storage building or small metal shop outlives its usefulness you can just have it recycled – which usually isn’t the case with wood. Most often with wood you will have to tear down the structure and transport the old, rotted, damaged pieces of wood to the local landfill.

From the low cost of metal compared to wood to the construction ease of residential metal building kits to the energy efficiency of a small metal building, it’s clear that metal offers specific advantages that you should take into consideration before building your next structure.

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