Metal Quonset Huts for Sale Online

Quonset buildings for residential and commercial applicationsQuonset buildings have been protecting everything from crops to people for hundreds of years. Their simple design delivers more useable space, they’re easy to construct and they withstand the harshest weather conditions, whether you live in the desert or at the North Pole.

BuildingsGuide simplifies your search for the right Quonset hut (more info here) for sale by four of the top manufacturers of pre-fabricated metal structures so you compare price, features, benefits and extras side-by-side to find the right Quonset building for sale from the best manufacturers in the industry.

Buying A Quonset Hut Online? Really?

Absolutely – and you’re assured of choosing the right Quonset building to suit your storage OR living needs.

Simply want to protect your lawn care equipment? A small storage quonset provides the interior space for your mower, weed whacker, pruners and other gear that keep your home looking good.

Need more space? Space for a couple of tractors and safe, dry storage for grains and feed? Quonset huts for sale on line are customized to suit your space needs, from a small storage shed for the back yard to a barn for the back 40.

But today’s Quonset huts sold on the web are more than just storage buildings. Buy a second home for a lakeside retreat, or buy a Quonset building on line when you exchange the empty nest for a comfortable retirement home – constructed in just a few days!

Quonset huts are simple to build, they look great in a variety of colors and you customize the interior of your retirement nest any way that suits your needs at a price that’s guaranteed to amaze you.

Sample Quonset Hut Sale Prices:

Quonset buildings for sale from $7/SF - try and match that with a stick buildt building!

Size (L /W)
Square feet
Quonset Sale Price Examples
Single Car Quonset Garage
12' x 12'
144 SF
Double Car Garage
24' x 24'
576 SF
Small Quonset Storage Building
30' x 24'
720 SF
RV Garage Building
40' x 20'
800 SF
Quonset Storage Building
40' x 80'
3,200 SF
Quonset Hay Storage Barn
60' x 100'
6,000 SF

Look at the price per square foot of any-sized Quonset buildings for sale on the world wide web. Compare Quonset building prices against stick built storage buildings or homes. Compare the SF price of a Quonset against a wood structure kit that’s complicated and usually requires the additional expense of a building contractor. The answer to your storage or living space needs becomes clear.

Dont' see the size of building you are looking for? Try our Quonset building price estimate calculator


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Buying a Quonset hut kit on line is simple, time-saving and cost effective. And with Buildings Guide, you get four quotes for Quonset buildings that meet your needs and preferences from the top four makers of pre-fabricated metal buildings.

Quonset Building samples

Detailed below are some sample Quonset hut buildings purchased and constructed by previous customers for various applications. Each building was constructed from a Quonset kit including detailed instructions, anchor bolts, arch panels and custom fasteners. As you can see from the examples buildings can be shipped with or without end walls and doors.

Residential & Backyard Quonset Hut Buildings

quonset buildings for sale from $7 per square foot

20x24 A-Model quonset garage building with overhead door & windows

backyard quonset storage building

14x20 small backyard Quonset storage building with overhead garage door

peaked roof style quonset garage kit building

Single garage shop combination building with front and rear end walls. This building

quonset for sale $11,900

24x30 quonset storage building with double sliding doors

Agricultural & Farm Quonset Buildings

Quonset agricultural storage building

40x60 Q-Model agricultural grain storage building with double sliding doors

farm storage building

Simple farm storage building without end walls

Quonset kit building being used for grain storage

30x40 Quonset hut steel building with sliding 'hangar' style doors

Quonset hay barn

40x80 simple Q Model quonset hay barn building without end walls

Commercial Metal Quonset Buildings

aircraft hanger constructed using a quonset hut building kit

80x100 commercial Quonset aircraft hangar building

industrial quonset storage building

120x 240 industrial storage building in the high arctic

Got a Socket Wrench?

That’s the only tool you need to erect a Quonset building, no matter the size. One-sized bolt makes construction even easier. Slide the light-weight panels in place, bolt together and that Quonset hut is there – permanently.

Why Buy A Quonset Building Via Buildings Guide?

Simplicity itself. Buildings Guide simplifies the buying process, equipping you to make the right choice right now:

• simplify comparison shopping to ensure you get the best Quonset building at the lowest price

• more styles, from the traditional arched quonset hut to the straight-walled models that fit into any neighborhood, increasing the value of your home and the homes of your new neighbors

• enhanced menu of building features including windows, doors, balconies, walkways, porches, patios – you want it? Buildings Guide has it.

• how-to info that’ll show you just how easy it is to erect a pre-fabricated metal building with nothing but a socket wrench

• customized solutions from the best manufacturers of Quonset huts in North America so you get what you need to do the job – and do it right

• one-stop shopping with everything you need to make the right decision in one place –

BuildingsGuide is all about helping you find the right storage solution to meet your needs. One place. Four bids. One simple decision.

So take a moment to look around and start your search for the right storage or housing solution for you and your family. When you buy a Quonset building on line you save time, you save money and you get the exact building you want.