Shop Building Kits & Workshop Kits

There’s no better material for constructing your dream shop than steel.

Whether you enjoy woodworking, metalworking, small engine repair, or just tinkering away with the radio on in the background, shop building kits offer the perfect space to spend quality time practicing your hobby at an affordable price.

As shop activities tend to be noisy and messy, opting for a steel workshop kit building, rather than a basement or attached garage as a shop space, offers the advantage of isolation from the rest of the home. Having a workshop on ground level, rather than a basement, also prevents muscle or back strains from having to transport heavy machinery, supplies and projects in an out of the space.

Although hiring a contractor to build a shop isn’t within everyone’s budget, that doesn’t mean your dream is out of reach. Our high-quality prefab steel shop kit buildings can be readily and easily assembled by do-it-yourselfers of any skill set, earning you major savings on labor and construction (in most cases a saving of 50% or more compared to a 'stick-built' wooden structure).

Choosing a pre-engineered metal shop promises not only a high-quality structure at a low-cost, but self-assembly is a gratifying experience for many. Our kits provide the chance to perform and practice many skills, from laying a concrete foundation to sheeting, erecting walls & insulating. With a steel building kit, you can take your metalworking skills to a whole new level before your workshop is even ready to be used.

Building on the exceptional structural integrity of our prefab steel buildings, DIY steel shop building kits can be customized with a myriad of exterior finishes. From siding to brick, masonry or stucco, your workshop can either complement the architectural style of your house, or can take on a unique appearance as a “conversation piece” in your backyard.


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Things to Consider

All Seasons: Including windows in your steel shop allows for cross-ventilation, ensuring a pleasant workspace during the sweltering heat of summer. During the freezing cold of winter, insulation is key to creating a tolerable temperature for working indoors.

Multiple End-Uses: If you are in need of both storage space and a workshop area, you need not dedicate your entire steel workshop to your hobby. Large enough (30x30 & 30x40 & larger) workshop kits can accommodate storage for a car, bicycle, or lawn tractor with space still leftover for tools and supplies.

Lighting and Electrical: At a minimum, your shop building will require two circuits in order to provide ample lighting and power for various tools. One 15-amp circuit should be dedicated solely to lighting. The other circuit should be at least a 30-amp circuit, in order to power full-size table saws, planers, jointers and other large power tools. These circuits should be added with a sub-panel, as adding new circuits to the main service panel for the home may exceed its amperage capacity even if there are slots available for more circuits. Electrical work is complicated and should be installed by a licensed electrician.

Air Quality and Ventilation: Whatever your hobby, there will likely be an accumulation of either sawdust or fumes from stains, paints, or varnishes. Working in an environment with contaminated air is not only unpleasant, but it is also unhealthy. A portable fan placed near a window or a door can help to keep air circulating. Investing in a dust collector is also recommended to help capture dust, wood chips and other debris.

Why Steel for Workshop Kits?

Fast Assembly: Easy DIY assembly can be completed quickly and easily by even beginner do-it-yourselfers. Due to its lightweight nature, steel is a user-friendly material to work with and assemble, saving you cash on hiring a contractor. Enjoy the hassle-free experience of assembling a steel workshop kit and the ease of fitting together each pre-engineered component.

Economical: A DIY kit will save you cash on labour, leading to substantial cost savings. Compared to other construction materials, steel will help you save up to 60 per cent on building costs. A steel shop is also highly resistant to decay, mildew and rust due to its zinc and aluminum alloy coating. As a result of this durable finish, choosing steel for your workshop building will result in lower maintenance costs over time.

Termite Proof and Fire Resistant: Steel is resistant against termite and other insect infestations, and cannot rot, mold or crack. Steel is also non-combustible and resistant to fire, and is therefore inexpensive to insure. The stable interior climate provided by a steel workshop also increases the life span of your tools and protects against rust and corrosion. Your stored goods, hobby projects and tools will be well protected in a metal shop building.

Strength: Steel has an incredibly high strength to weight ratio, and is one the strongest and most durable construction materials on the market. Strong enough to withstand hurricanes, gale-force winds and even tornadoes, a steel shop provides superior protection against harsh weather elements. Take peace of mind knowing your projects or crafts are well protected in a steel workshop.

Eco Friendly: Steel is a 100 per cent recyclable material, and most manufactured steel today contains an average of 25 per cent recycled content. As a result, choosing steel helps to save landfill space, and helps to reduce the use of valuable resources like timber in construction.

Efficency: The components of our prefab steel shop kits are cut with laser-like precision in the factory. As a result, the seams of your steel shop will fit together with precision, creating the perfect seal to help to prevent your building from losing heat during winter and cool air during summer.

Choose Metal Workshop Kits for Exceptional Energy Savings

Energy costs are going up fast and the fact is they’ll probably remain there. Just another reason to choose a prefab metal shop building kit. Metal means a perfect fit around doors and windows – anywhere heat will normally escape with conventional construction. Yes, the precision fit of metal construction keeps the heat in – a major prerequisite to saving on your energy bill.

Metal Shop Building Kits Enable you to Begin Working on your Projects Sooner!

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