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Looking for a steel building supplier for your construction project? Let us help you find the right one. We've partnered with some of the best manufacturers and suppliers across the United States and Canada. Here's how our service works:

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Metal Buildings We Offers & Why

BuildingsGuide offers two kinds of metal kit buildings — 'Rigid Frames' and 'Quonset Huts.' Both are high-quality, offer fast construction, and are durable structures that will withstand the harshest environments.

You can depend on either type of building for your needs, whatever the size and location of the building.

There are other types of metal buildings that are great for certain purposes and include:

Tubular steel buildings are common and great for very small buildings (less than 1,200 sq ft), such as small garages and carports, but they are not suitable for homes or larger buildings. Also note: A steel tube structure can’t handle heavy snow or wind load and is a temporary structure that doesn’t add value to your property. Still, this may be a good choice if you need the lowest possible cost.

C-Channel buildings are another type of steel building also used for smaller structures such as sheds and small garages. Again, these structures are ideally suited to outbuilding-type applications and may not meet all local codes.

Rigid frame building

When you picture a metal frame building, you probably think of Rigid framed buildings with their solid I-beam construction. With the maximum usable space given by the open-span structure, you can build anything from a shop or garage to a huge warehouse, barn, horse arena, or airplane hangar. A steel I-beam building will be a permanent structure custom engineered for your local conditions (for code requirements), adding value to your property. Nothing can match steel I-beams for ultimate building strength and durability with maximum usable interior space.

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Steel Quonset hut building

Quonset huts are a type of metal building that is characterized by their semi-circular shape and corrugated galvanized steel panels. Quonsets are versatile and durable structures that can be used for various purposes. They are quick and easy to assemble, require minimal maintenance, and withstand extreme weather conditions. They are also relatively inexpensive compared to rigid-frame buildings, making them a cost-effective building solution. Additionally, the unique arched design of Quonset huts allows for maximum interior space without requiring support beams or columns, making them ideal for large, open areas.

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Why Choose a Metal Building?

Cost Savings Fast construction, low material cost, insurance savings, and low maintenance.

Safety Safe, strong & sturdy, dimensionally stable, reduced fire risk, and improved grounding.

Environmental Recyclable, reduce waste, energy efficient, and less toxic.

Plus Ease of expansion, ease of relocation, unlimited design options, and no painting required.

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For first-time builders, we have created several resources to assist you in getting started with your construction project.

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BuildingsGuide makes finding reputable manufacturers of prefab buildings in America & Canada quick and easy so that you can choose the best vendor for your needs and budget.

Since 2004, over 200,000 buyers have saved an average of 28% on their new structure using our multiple quote service.

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