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What We Offer — and What’s Special about BuildingsGuide

We have EXTENSIVE knowledge of metal buildings.
Since 2004, we’ve helped over 200,000 commercial, farm, and residential buyers find the right building at the right price… from modest garages and workshops to huge warehouses, airplane hangars, and arenas.

We work with the best suppliers.
You don’t have to wonder about the quality and reputation of our manufacturer/suppliers. We’ve done the research for you. We work only with top-quality companies.


You receive four competing quotes from vetted suppliers within 24 hours!


How It Works

1. You tell us about your project.
Let us know what size and style of building you want, what you will use it for, and where you plan to build.

2. We match you with suppliers.
Your information from Step1 helps us match you with suppliers that best suit your project requirements.

3. Our suppliers send you free, no-obligation Competing Quotes.
With a price, delivery date, and customization options.

4. You choose a Supplier.
You then compare quotes and choose the best-suited supplier for your project.

Get started - apply for four competing building quotes.