50x100 Metal building

Pre-engineered 50x100 steel buildings are one of the market's most versatile and popular commercial buildings. With 5,000 sq ft of clear-span space, they are ideally suited to modern warehousing facilities, commercial auto shops, and more. All buildings are custom engineered to meet your local building codes, and their bolt-up design makes them a fast and economical construction option.

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Base 50x100 building kit package
Base 50x100 building kit package
Made in USA
Steel I-Beam
30 Yr Warranty
Custom Engineered

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Building Features

All 50'x100' metal buildings start as a base building package that includes all the primary and secondary framing, roof, and wall sheeting. You then customize this to meet your warehousing requirements by adding doors, skylights, internal rooms, etc., to meet your specific requirements.

  • Features

    Key Features:

    American-made, I-Beam steel framing, custom-engineered in factories across North America.

    • Customizable to suit any application
    • Designed to meet your local building codes
    • Certified to 160 mph wind & 110 (psf) snow load
    • Precision engineering for a weathertight structure
    • Red-oxide primer baked onto all components
    • Low maintenance, with 30+ year warranties
    • 100% usable, column-free space
    • Easily expanded for future growth *
    • Fast construction times

    * if future expansion is a possible requirement, be sure to specify 'expandable end walls' when placing your order.

    Pre-fabricated framing for steell building
    Solid steel I-Beam framing
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  • What's included

    Included in the Kit:

    • 1:12 roof pitch (2:12-6:12 available)
    • Tapered steel I-Beams (primary framing)
    • All roof purlins & wall girts (secondary framing)
    • Two framed door openings (add extra if required)
    • Engineer stamped erection & anchor bolt plans
    • Pre-painted 26-gauge metal roof & wall panels *
    • All nuts, bolts, clips and fasteners
    • Detailed construction manual
    • Pre-drilled, numbered parts
    • Complete trim package
    • Sealants & flashing
    • Structural warranty (30-50 yrs)*
    • Paint warranty (30-40yrs)*

    *Vary by supplier

    Standard prefab building package
    Standard 50 x 100 Steel Building
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  • Specifications

    Kit Specs:

    • Wind load: 70-160 mph
    • Ground snow load: 10-110 (psf)
    • Available roof pitches: 1/2, 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 and 6:12
    • Roof styles: Gable, single slope, lean-to (LT)
    • Standard bay spacing: 20', 25' and 30'
    • Standard widths: 30' to 200' (clear span)
    • Standard heights: 10' to 40' (eave height)
    • Primary frame: I-beams (min.yield 42k psi) *
    • Second frame: purlins/girts (min.yield 55k psi) *
    • Wall & roof panels: 24 or 26 gauge metal panels

    * vary by supplier

    CAD engineering drawing
    Sample engineering drawing
  • Exclusions

    Items not Included:

    • Delivery
    • Foundation
    • Construction
    • Insulation
    • Additional doors and windows
    • Gutters and downspouts
    • Interior finishing

    Pouring the foundation for a prefab building

The Construction Process

Red iron building - build process
Read the build process guide

How much does a 50x100 metal building cost?

The average turnkey cost of building a 50x100 metal building ranges from $125,000 to $200,000, including the cost of the steel building kit package ($85,000), the concrete slab foundation ($29,000), and construction ($37,000). Additional costs to consider are doors, windows, and insulation. The final cost depends on the location of the building site, local labor costs, and the complexity of the building's design.

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ItemSquare Foot Cost
Building kit package$15-$20
Interior Finishing$10-$50+

Customization Options

The base 50x100 building package will need to be customized to meet your access and overall appearance requirements. Detailed below are some of the available customization options.

Color Options
Colors for siding, roofing, and wainscot can create a unique look for your buildings appearance. To see the colors that are available, and for color scheme ideas, see our page on color options.

Learn more

Door Options
Depending on your needs, there are many different types of doors that can be used to access your building. Overhead doors, bi-fold doors, sliding doors, and more can all be great choices.

Learn more

Siding Options
All buildings come standard with metal siding and roofing but other options are available including insulated metal panels, architectural finishes. Explore the various options.

Learn more

Structural Options
The addition of structural features can increase the functionality of your structure with overhangs, mezzanines, loading bays and more.

Learn more

Common Questions

  • How long does it take to erect a 50x100 metal building?

    Total construction times will vary depending on the location of the building, the complexity of the design, along with other factors. As a general rule, a simple 5,000 sq ft steel building can be constructed in approximately three to six weeks once the site has been cleared and leveled.

  • What does it cost to erect a 50 x 100 steel building?

    Typical construction costs can range from $5 to $10 per square foot, giving an average erection cost of $37,500. Construction costs vary depending on local labor rates, the complexity of the building, and the price of local materials such as concrete, etc.

  • How much does a 50x100 concrete slab cost?

    The average cost for a 50x100 concrete slab is $30,000. Generally, a 4-inch thick slab will cost between $3 and $9 per square foot (on average nationwide) for both the materials and labor. The final cost will mostly depend on the location of your building, as prices vary across the country.

  • How much concrete is required for a 50x100 foundation?

    A four-inch thick 50x100 slab foundation will require approx. 62 cubic yards of concrete and a six-inch foundation will need approx. 93 cubic yards.

  • How many 50x100 plots are in an acre?

    A 50x100 building takes up the equivalent of 0.115 acres approximately. This means that there are approximately 8 plots of 50x100 in an acre. Another way to calculate this is to convert the plot size to square feet, which is 5,000 square feet, and then divide by the number of square feet in an acre, which is 43,560 square feet.

  • What other sized buildings do you offer?

    Other building packages offered by our suppliers with a similar footprint include:

    All building kit packages are custom engineered to your specifications and are available in any size from 30 feet wide up to 200 feet wide. Building lengths are unlimited and increase in increments of either 20 feet or 25 feet depending on the bay spacing you oipt for.

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