Custom Building Options

Upgrades & add-ons for custom metal buildings

Custom metal building

Create your own custom steel building. Explore the various available customizations and add-ons, including doors, roofline, style, siding, color, and more.


Metal roof panels, profiles and pitches

All prefab building kits come standard with a gable roof and 2:12 pitch (1/2:12-6:12 are also available) and PBR metal roof panels. Alternatively, you can choose from other styles, including single-slope, gambrel, and monitor.

For more, see our steel building roofs article.


Doors for steel buildings

Most building suppliers do not include doors as part of the kit package, you will need to specify the style, type, and dimensions of these when designing your building. A wide variety of door styles are available, including overhead, roll-up, bi-fold, and more.

Explore the various door choices.


Siding panels for metal structures

PBR metal siding panels come standard with all building kit packages.  You have the ability to add other sheeting to your building, though. If you intend to use alternate paneling, be sure to let your building supplier know before placing your order.

View the various siding choices.


metal siding and roofing colors

When it comes to choosing the right colors for your roof panels, wall panels, and wainscot, our color visualization tool can help you experiment with different combinations and color schemes to find the perfect match for your existing structures or corporate style. Select the colors you want to use for each element, and then view popular color combinations and schemes to get inspired.

See our metal building colors page for more.


Structural Upgrades for Steel Buildings

Several exterior features can be added to provide shade and shelter and increase storage space, including roof canopies, wall canopies, and lean-to extensions. If you want more indoor storage space, consider adding a mezzanine level.

For more, see our article on structural upgrades.


Miscellaneous upgrades for steel frame buildings

Other custom possibilities include ventilation, downspouts, cupolas, and snow guards.

For a look at these, see our page on miscellaneous upgrades.

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