Commercial Metal Buildings

Prefabricated steel buildings are a popular choice for businesses looking for an efficient and economical way to expand their operations. Steel frame buildings offer fast build times and fast occupancy, making them an economical construction option. Their design flexibility also allows for greater customization to meet the needs of your business.

5,000 Sq Ft Commercial Metal Building
5,000 Sq Ft Commercial Metal Building
Made in USA
Solid Steel
30 Yr Warranty
Custom Engineered

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Why Choose a Metal Commercial Building?

American-made, I-Beam steel framing, custom-engineered in factories across North America.

Pre-engineered metal buildings (PEMB) provide many benefits for large and small businesses alike. They are ideal for organizations that need to occupy space quickly and efficiently.

PEMBs are also cost-efficient due to shorter build times than other construction methods. Equating to faster occupancy and lower construction loan interest charges. Efficiencies are also realized via the near-zero maintenance required on these structures. See our metal building prices page for more details.

Buildings can be engineered cost-effectively span long distances of 100 feet or more with wide open, clear-span spaces.

Single-source assurance is another benefit of steel buildings. The manufacturer is responsible for designing and engineering the building to your specifications, eliminating the need for an architect (if you choose to go this route).

Steel buildings can also be configured to be highly energy efficient and can also be fitted with solar panels for additional energy savings. Design flexibility allows for various design choices to match your corporate identity or existing structures.

Modern economical space for any organization

  • Clear spans of 100+ ft
  • Fast construction times
  • Reduced time to occupancy
  • Minimal construction waste
  • Energy efficiency
  • Design flexibility
  • Low maintenance
  • Single-source assurance
  • Ease of expansion

Common Commercial Applications

Metal Warehouses

Pre-engineered metal warehouses are the most efficient option for new warehouse construction in terms of both cost and time. Buildings can be customized to meet your organization's specific requirements, whether you need a 50,000 sq ft distribution center, a 5,000 sq ft flex warehouse or just 1,200 square feet for an expanding e-commerce business. View popular sizes and layouts.

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Shop Buildings

Steel shop building kits are suitable for commercial use (auto businesses), private use (woodworking/auto projects, etc.), and farm shop applications. Adjust the building's square footage, height, and door placement (and clearances) to suit your specific setup. View typical shop sizes and layouts.

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Aircraft Hangars

Do you need more hangar space for your airport or flying club? Steel buildings are an excellent option for both commercial and private aviation. They can be designed to accommodate one Cessna 172 or multiple large jet aircraft with bay widths of up to 200 feet. All hangars are customized to your specifications for square footage, height, and door clearances.

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Commercial Dog Kennels

Looking to expand or start a new canine facility? Metal kennel buildings are ideal for commercial dog boarding kennels, breeding kennels, and doggy daycare facilities because of their fast, economical construction, durability, and low maintenance. Explore our sample floor plans and designs to get inspiration for your new kennel structure.

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The Construction Process

Red iron building - build process

How much does a commercial metal building cost?

On average, a commercial steel building will cost between $25 and $45 per square foot. A typical 1,200 sq ft warehouse can start at around $42,000, and a large 20,000 sq ft distribution center can cost upwards of $600,000. Final costs will depend on the building's design's size, location, and design complexity.

To obtain written quotes from four different suppliers, please fill out our quote request form or visit our webpage on the cost to build a commercial building for additional information.

ItemSquare Foot Cost
Building kit (shell)$15-$25
Interior Finishing$10-$50+

Custom Building Options

Commercial steel buildings offer a wide range of structural and style possibilities: roof profile, location, and size of loading bays, access doors, insulation, skylights, color, external finishing, and more. The steel building kit package is custom manufactured to YOUR exact specifications. Detailed below are some popular customization options.

Colour Choices
Mix and match wall, roof, and trim colors to compliment your corporate identity or match the surrounding structures.

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Door Styles
To meet your business's access needs, choose from an extensive range of doors, including overhead, rollup, bi-fold, and sliding doors.

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Siding Options
All industrial building kits come standard with 26-gauge PBR metal roof & wall panels. Or you can opt to finish the building with architectural panels, insulated metal panels, and more.

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Structural Add-ons
Add any number of structural options from an enclosed lean-to office to door canopies, a mezzanine level, or a customized roofline.

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Common Questions

  • What is a flex commercial building?

    A flex commercial building typically refers to a type of commercial real estate designed to be adaptable and flexible to accommodate various uses.

    Flex buildings are often divided into smaller units, which can be leased to different tenants for different purposes, such as office space, retail space, light manufacturing, or warehousing.

    The goal of flex commercial buildings is to provide a versatile and cost-effective solution for businesses that need to change their space configuration as their needs evolve.

    Flex buildings are often found in industrial parks, and near airports, highways, and other transportation hubs. They're also known as multi-use buildings, mixed-use buildings, or hybrid buildings.

  • How many exits are required in a commercial building?

    The number of exits required in a commercial building depends on the occupancy and size of the building and local building codes.

    Generally, the International Building Code (IBC) requires that a commercial building have at least two exits, but additional exits may be required for larger buildings or buildings with higher occupancy levels.

    It is essential to consult with local building codes and a licensed architect or engineer to determine the specific number of exits required for a particular building.

  • How many bathrooms are required in a commercial building?

    The number of bathrooms required in a commercial building depends on the occupancy and size of the building and local building codes. Generally, the International Plumbing Code (IPC) requires a certain number of plumbing fixtures (toilets, urinals, sinks, etc) per occupant in a commercial building. The specific number of fixtures required depends on the type of occupancy and the number of occupants the building is designed to hold.

    For example, a commercial office building is required to have one bathroom with a sink per 20 occupants.

    It is important to consult with local building codes and a licensed architect or engineer to determine the specific number of bathrooms required for a particular building.

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