Metal Buildings with Living Quarters

Live Large in a Metal Home

Custom metal buildings with living quarters offer a unique and cost-effective alternative to traditional home construction. Steel-framed residential buildings are durable and require little maintenance, making them ideal for family homes, barndominiums, Quonset hut homes, and shop house applications.

Benefit from fast construction times with near-zero construction waste. The lack of roof trusses also allows for taller, wide-open living spaces.

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Ranch Style Metal Home
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30 Yr Warranty
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What is a Residential Metal Building?

All metal-framed residential building kits have all the necessary components to construct a modern, custom home. The kit package includes the solid steel I-beam framing, metal roofing, wall panels, all fasteners, sealants, and complete instructions. Once your new residence has been erected, you will then work with your contractor to frame and finish the interior based on your chosen metal house floor plan.

Average Cost to build a metal house $75 - $150 per square foot

Why Choose a Metal Building with Living Quarters?

Custom steel frame home kits, custom-engineered in factories across North America.

There are several reasons to choose a metal building with living quarters. Perhaps the most important is that they're stronger and more durable than traditional wood frame construction and more resistant to extreme weather conditions. They're also fire-resistant, making them a good choice for fire-prone areas.

Another reason to build a metal residence is that they're affordable. They can be 30% cheaper to construct than traditional houses and require almost no maintenance, making them a cost-effective home construction choice.

You will also realize cost savings due to fast construction times. You can have a new residence up and running in a fraction of the time it would take to build a traditional home. This is because metal buildings with living quarters are prefabricated, with much of the work done in a factory before delivery.

Finally, steel buildings are versatile. They are easily customized and configured to suit your specific needs, whether a small single-story ranch home, an expansive barndominimum, or a work-from-home shop house.

A solid, flexible, and low-maintenance housing solution

  • Reduced costs
  • Fast construction
  • Engineered to your local codes
  • Virtually maintenance-free
  • Large open-plan living spaces
  • Easily extended in the future
  • Structural warranty (30-50 yrs)
  • Paint warranty (30-40yrs)
  • Highly customizable
  • Suited to extreme weather areas
  • Fire resistant

Popular Residential Metal Building Styles

Here are some popular residential metal buildings with living quarters offered by our suppliers. Take a look at these sample home designs, sizes, and floor plans for ideas and inspiration.

Metal Homes

Metal-framed home kits are popular for new home construction due to their fast, economical built times, durability, and near-zero maintenance requirements. All homes are custom manufactured to your specifications for size and style, whether you need a small two-bedroom ranch house to a two-story home with multiple bedrooms and living spaces. View our collection of spec homes.

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Shop House (Shouse)

Shop houses are an excellent option for those looking for affordable and durable live-work accommodations. There are a variety of styles to choose from; all building kits are fully customizable to suit your work and living quarters in terms of workspace and the number of bedrooms. Explore our collection of Shouse designs and layouts.

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Quonset Hut Homes

Quonset hut homes are an excellent option for anyone looking for an affordable and durable home construction solution. Quonset houses can be designed as basic functional accommodations to... Read more »

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The Construction Process

Red iron building - build process
Read the build process guide

Custom Building Options

Prefabricated residential metal buildings are becoming increasingly popular as a strong, durable, and economical way to build a new house. You can customize them to your precise needs, whether purely residential or with an attached workshop, garage, or lean-to carport. You can choose the building style, the number, size, location of windows and doors, color, and more. Here are some of the most popular customization options.

Colour Options
To design your own distinctive residence, experiment with different wall, roof, and trim colors.  Also consider throwing in a complementary wainscot color.

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Door Options
Choose from a wide variety of door choices, such as overhead garage doors, bespoke doors, sliding doors, and windows, to fit your preferred design and to satisfy your specific access needs.

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Siding Options
Residential building kits come standard with 26-gauge PBR metal roof & wall panels, but you can opt to finish your walls in finishes including stucco, faux stone, Hardie® board, or brick veneer.

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Structural Options
Enhance your new residence with a covered deck area, porch, or a lean-to for covered parking. You can even add a mezzanine level for loft accommodation.

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Common Questions

  • Do you provide floor plans?

    Yes, we have a selection of free metal building floor plans to help you visualize the various sizes and layouts. We also have a large collection of Shouse floor plans for shop house applications.

    You are welcome to use these and have them altered by your interior designer to suit your needs best. Alternatively, you can find floor plans online or have a designer create a custom layout for your new home.

  • Who do we use to construct our new home?

    You will need to find a local crew to construct your new home. Most construction companies have experience erecting metal buildings with living quarters, and the kits are designed to go together quickly and easily. Alternatively, if you have some previous construction experience, you might want to consider DIY building your house; this option could save you around 20% on the total cost.

  • Is the interior build-out included in the kit package?

    Unfortunately, our suppliers only sell the building shell. You will need to have your chosen contractor frame out and finish the home's living quarters. For this, you can choose either traditional 2x4 lumber or steel studs. The remainder of the finishing is identical to a traditionally built residential building.

  • What styles of residential steel buildings do you supply?

    Our suppliers offer a number of building styles suitable for residential applications, including metal building homes, shop houses, and Quonset hut homes. Each can be customized to suit your chosen floor plan and configured with one or two stories.

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