30x40 Shop with Living Quarters

A 30x40 metal building can be configured as either a single or two-story shop house with one-bedroom accommodation and either 600 sq ft or 1,200 sq ft of workshop space. Our experienced suppliers can help you design an optimal building configuration if you have ideas for your floor plan. To get started, request competing quotes.

30x40 Shop with Living Quarters (1  bedroom)
30x40 Shop House (1 bedroom)
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2,400 sq. ft.
2 Bedrooms
Solid Steel
Made in USA

Sample 1 Bedroom Shop House Designs

With a small 1,200 sq ft footprint, a 30x40 metal building can be configured as a single-story shop home with half shop and half living quarters of 600 square feet each. Alternatively, add a second level to give 1,200 sq ft of shop space. All shop homes are configured to your specifications.

PLEASE NOTE: Floor plans and designs are for inspirational purposes only. The quotes you will receive are for the building itself. Interior walls, doors, plumbing & lighting, will be taken care of by your chosen local professionals.

One Bedroom 30x40 Shop House

Single Story Half Shop Half House

Single story 1 bedroom shop house
A simple, one-bedroom design with open-concept living space and 600 square feet of dedicated shop space accessed by two double-wide 16x8 overhead doors. A covered porch has also been added.

Layout & Specs

30x40 shop house - 1 bedroom
Roof style/pitchGable, 4:12
Overhead doorsTwo 16x8
Entry doorsOne 3x7
WindowsEleven 4x3
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Two Story Shop House

Shop Home with 1 bedroom Loft Apartment

30x40 two story one bedroom shop house with loft apartment
This 30x40 building has been configured with a large full-height (18 foot) shop space of 600 sq ft and a further 600 sq ft with office and bathroom. The design has a self-contained one-bedroom apartment on the first floor. This building can also be configured as a 2 bedroom shop house with the living quarters on the first floor and shop space on the ground level.

Layout & Specs

30x40 shop house with loft apartment floor plan
Shop specifications:
Roof style/pitchGable, 4:12
Overhead doorsTwo 12x14
Entry doorsTwo 3x7
WindowsSeventeen 4x3
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Installed Shouse kits from: $25 - $50 Per Sq Ft

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Similar Shop House Sizes

40x60 2 bedroom shop house finished in black and white

40x60 Shop with Living Quarters (2 & 3 beds)

At 2,400 square feet, a 40x60 shop with living quarters can be configured as a single-story, two-bedroom or two-story, three-bedroom shop house. Both options offer an expansive 1,200 square feet of clear-span workshop space. Explore sample designs and layouts.

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50x80 shop house three bedroom with wrap around deck

50x80 Shop Houses (3 & 4 bedroom)

A 50x80 shop home with a single level offers sufficient floor space for a 1,800 sq ft shop, and a two-level building provides 2,500 sq ft of shop space; both configurations can easily accommodate living quarters with three bedrooms, open-concept living areas and large kitchen spaces.

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