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Get an instant 'ballpark' steel building price estimate for both Quonset Hut buildings and straight wall style metal buildings. Simply, enter the dimensions of the building you are looking to price and our estimator tool will give you an indication of what your base building (materials only) will cost. Assuming this is within your allocated budget you may then get firm price quotes from up to four local manufacturers and suppliers by completing our online steel building quote form.

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Receive up to FOUR competing quotes from local manufacturers and suppliers by completing our simple quote request from. It will only take you 4 minutes and could save you thousands on your new building.


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Thinking Ahead & Other Costs

After comparing your metal building prices, start to think about where other money will need to be spent. Laying a foundation is something you will need to consider prior to receiving your new building. A poorly laid foundation can be the root of many problems and headaches, so it's also recommended that you consult a professional beforehand. Metal building prices can also be affected by labour costs. On delivery day, you will need lifting equipment for large buildings (over 30'x40') so hiring additional help is also highly recommended.

Summing up, if you are not going the self-build route you will need to speak to a local general contractor and get price quotes for both a foundation and erection of your building.