What type of maintenance is required for a steel building?

Maintenance free prefab building

One of the great advantages of steel building construction is the low maintenance factor. You can install it, utilize it and nearly forget about any up keep. It is fair to say that prefab buildings are virtually ‘Maintenance Free’

As opposed to wood framed buildings, steel is impervious to weathering. It will not rot or crack and is also not vulnerable to insect attack. That means you do not need to battle moisture, monitor the aging process and protect against pests. The roofing has the same advantage – no wrestling with shingle replacements and plywood decking. Steel roofing is growing in the commercial and residential building industry mainly because of the reduced maintenance requirements.. This also translates into less operating costs for your metal building. Whether for home or business use, less maintenance is an attractive option.

Also, unlike timber buildings metal buildings do not require painting every couple of years. In most cases prefab metal buildings come with a 25-30 year warranty. There are a multitude of color combinations available for trim, walls, roof, gutters & downspouts. These finishes are applied at the factory meaning that your building should never need repainting (at least not for 30-40 years!)

Watch your windows, doors and flooring for any problems or issues that will need to be looked after. Be sure that the drainage around your foundation is working well and the foundation remains strong. Most of the maintenance involved in a steel building is maintaining the support structures and accessories around it. The steel itself will remain strong, stable and hassle free for decades.

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