An Introduction to Quonset Hut Buildings

Prefabricated Quonset building in steelFor generations, the Quonset Hut has been meeting the needs of the military, industrial giants and backyard hobbyists who need safe, dependable and economical storage space.

Quonset buildings (also known as Arch Buildings, because of their shape) deliver advantages that no other pre-engineered building offers, from low cost and high security to the ability to withstand blizzards, hurricanes – whatever Mother Nature sends their way. Even earthquakes, making a Quonset building the choice for business, industry and families alike.

These steel alloy, pre-engineered buildings combine centuries-old design (see our Buyers Guide for a brief history of the Quonset Hut) with the latest in high-tech features, and ease of construction. A couple of days and you’re good to go.

Today’s Quonset building is based on decades of architectural refinement and the use of state-of-the-art materials to suit the needs of the most demanding consumer.

Whether you need more storage at less than $7 a square foot or you want to retire to a secure, maintenance-free home that catches the eye, there’s a pre-built quonset kit just right for your storage needs, be it for a garage, shop, barn or even a 'Zombie Proof Mancave'! (we have, honestly, been requested a building for this purpose).

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Lots of Choices with a Quonsets:

Because a Quonset hut is manufactured in sections (normally 2 feet wide), there’s no limit to size, color or even shape. Need a straight-walled steel warehouse that looks good on your corporate campus? There’s a quonset design just for you.

You design the perfect space to meet your needs, no matter what those needs are. It’s your choice:

  • total sf;
  • square or arched sides;
  • windows, entry doors, sliding doors and even skylights;
  • fully customizable fronts and backs so your steel quonset fits in with the neighborhood;
  • color from a full spectrum of options – it’s your choice;
  • cost – you don’t have to blow the budget out the back door to get the space you need.

Advantages of Quonset Buildings

  • low cost
  • easy, fast construction
  • little or no maintenance
  • “green” technology
  • durable
  • fire-resistant (it’s steel!)
  • tax breaks for use of recycled materials
  • customizable to fit the surroundings
  • multi-purpose applications
  • easily expandable in the future
  • iron-clad security
  • completely scalable

Over 75% of all Arch Building owners erect their own storage space. It’s that simple.

Steel panels, two feet wide and 10 feet long, weigh only 40 pounds apiece, making assembly a snap. One sized bolt is used for all connections, simplifying the process even further.

Or, if you prefer, any knowledgeable contractor can erect your metal quonset hut in a matter of days. Each building comes with a complete set of directions that can be followed by do-it-yourselfers or paid builders.

Typically, these pre-constructed metal building systems are bolted to a concrete slab, and concrete and steel make Quonset buildings strong enough to withstand tornado force winds, driving rain and gusts of blown snow so you know your building will still be there when nature knocks loudly on the door.

The roster of Quonset building options is long, with detailed specs, so you know you’re getting the highest quality space for the lowest price.


Quonset buildings are also considered “a green building option” to create a smaller environmental footprint. These metal building systems are manufactured using recycled steel, and can be cycled for re-use down the road. Go green with your storage needs using the latest in Quonset building technology and do the Earth (and yourself) a favor. (LEED compliant, too.)

What Building Size Will Work for You?

Looking for secure storage space for garden and yard tools? Or, maybe you need to expand warehouse space to secure tons of excess inventory? From small backyard storage sheds to barn-sized structures large enough to house a stable of horses, there’s a quonset hut that’s just your size.

Width ranges from a comfortable 19 feet to an expansive 100 feet depending on just what width you need – even if you need space for the company jet.

And length? Well, that’s up to you because a Quonset kit building is endlessly expandable to provide all the open space you need. No columns, no interior supports – just wide-open space for use any way you choose.

Quonset steel buildings are built to fit

Quonset Garage (P-Model)
Metal quonset building kit


Quonset Shop
Quonset buildings for shop, garage and RV storage



Construction- It’s Easy

With a simple set of tools and a little time, you can erect your own quonset hut, saving thousands of dollars in construction costs – and still be sure that your new storage space as lock-down tight and secure against intrusion from Mother Nature or unwanted visitors.

Each kit includes everything you need to erect your Quonset building, regardless of size or location. You don’t need any heavy equipment, making construction in small spaces simple and affordable.

So, do it yourself or hire a local contractor to erect your Quonset building. Either way, you get more space for less money when you go with steel bolted to concrete. That building isn’t going any where under any conditions.

A Solid Foundation Means a Solid Building

Building and zoning codes vary from community to community so check with your local building inspector and zoning board to determine the requirements for erecting a quonset hut on your property before you make a purchase.

Typically, Quonset buildings are set on a concrete slab up to eight inches thick, though your local building code may set different standards for your new building’s foundation.

As far as zoning is concerned, Quonset buildings are attractive and can be customized to fit into any neighborhood, adding value to the property and to surrounding homes and businesses so obtaining zoning approval isn’t a problem. In fact, zoning professionals recognize the numerous advantages to pre-manufactured steel buildings and these building pros know that your new building will stand the test of time.

Warming Up Your Quonset Steel Building

Add insulation to the interior of your Quonset building to protect supplies, inventory or your personal possessions. In fact, many people choose pre-engineered Quonset kits as their homes because of low construction cost, ease of maintenance and low total cost of ownership (TCO).

No more painting the outside of the house. No more replacing the roof. Rain and snow just slide off. And you and your materials stay cozy and warm with a minimum of insulation, saving money on fuel bills month after month.

Quonset homes can be insulated against the harshest winter weather. In fact, these metal structures are used by researchers in Antarctica where you know it gets cold. VERY cold.

Whether you plan to use your Quonset hut to store materials or as a first or second home, the interior of your space remains warm and snug when insulation is added to interior walls. Covered with dry wall, your steel home feels warm and looks great.

So How Will You Use Your Quonset Building?

The options are endless.

Living Space – Find that perfect parcel of land, lay down a concrete slab and erect your new Quonset home in a matter of days. Add dividers, a loft, balconies, windows, skylights – in a few weeks you’re living in the home of your dreams at a price that will honestly amaze you.

A Backyard Get-Away – Maybe you need a separate office for your home-based business. No problem with the technology that goes into today’s pre-engineered metal Quonset buildings.

Or maybe you need a retreat – a place to enjoy your hobby, from woodworking to ping-pong. A small Quonset building is your space to enjoy any way you see fit.

Home Storage – Is your garage bursting at the seams? The attic stacked to the rafters? The basement a maze of boxes? Eliminate the clutter and get organized with a Quonset building to store your house overflow neatly and safely.

Yard and Garden Storage – Ideal for weekend warriors who take pride in their lawns and gardens. A small storage Quonset kit building keeps your mower and gardening gear out of the elements. You can even add a potting shed to get a head start on the growing season each year.

Typical Building Applications

Institutional Space – Crowded classrooms cut down on learning and traditional building methods add to the community tax burden. Add classroom space, new office space or other utility areas at one-third the cost of traditional stick-built space…and look good doing it.

Warehouse Space – Quonset buildings are the ideal solution for growing businesses on a budget or a tight schedule. Double and even triple warehouse space at a price that makes your accountant smile. Your materials are close by, they’re secure and you still have operating capital to expand your customer base without expanding a limited budget. High vertical wall clearance provides more room for more goods and raw materials so you keep the business running smoothly and inventory safe and dry in any weather conditions.

Vehicle Storage – Quonset storage buildings can handle anything: harvesters, cars, boats, huge RVs, trailers, heavy equipment and even airplanes and jets. Door sizes are adapted to fit your parking needs, making access to your vehicles as easy as walking out the back door.

Barns and Lofts – Keep your livestock dry and your crops safe from harm any time of year. Agri-business discovered pre-manufactured metal building systems years ago and, today, farm owners use them to store everything from cows to combines.

Quonset House
Quonset house kit building


Residential Quonset Building
Residential Quonset building in steel.


Sample Building Kit Prices:

Size (L /W)
Square feet
Quonset Kit Prices From:
Single Car Quonset Garage Kit
12' x 12'
144 SF
Double Car Quonset Garage Kit
24' x 24'
576 SF
Storage Building Kit
30' x 24'
720 SF
RV Garage Kit
40' x 20'
800 SF
Quonset Storage Building
40' x 80'
3,200 SF
Quonset Barn
60' x 100'
6,000 SF


Commercial Storage Building
commercial quonset hut building


Aircraft Hangar
Quonset aircraft hangar building


Drop us a line to discover the advantages of Quonset buildings, where low-cost meets high-tech. You’ll save thousands, you’ll cut maintenance down to zip and you’ll like the way they look and perform.

Quonset buildings: durable, adaptable and affordable.

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