30x60 Metal building

Rigid frame 30x60 steel buildings are manufactured from American steel, designed to weather the harshest environments, engineered to last, with warranties of 30+yrs, and are virtually maintenance-free. For a slightly higher investment, you get a custom, commercial-grade I-Beam (not light gauge) building that adds value to your property. Get started with competing quotes.

Standard 30x60 Kit Building
Standard 30x60 Kit Building
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Made in USA
Steel I-Beam
30 Yr Warranty
Custom Engineered

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30x60 Building Features

Standard building kit packages for a 30x60 steel building contain all the necessary components for a basic building. Including pre-drilled primary steel I-beam framing and secondary framing, pre-painted metal wall and roof sheeting, and all the necessary fasteners and sealants. You then customize the base building to suit your intended use by adding framed openings for doors and windows - sized and positioned to your specs. GET exactly the building you need.

  • Features

    Primary Kit Features:

    American-made, I-Beam steel framing, custom-engineered in factories across North America.

    • Customizable to suit any application
    • Designed to meet your local building codes
    • Certified to 160 mph wind & 110 (psf) snow load
    • Precision engineering for a weathertight structure
    • Red-oxide primer baked onto all components
    • Low maintenance, with 30+ year warranties
    • 100% usable, column-free space
    • Easily expanded for future growth *
    • Fast construction times
    • DIY friendly

    * if future expansion is a possible requirement, be sure to specify 'expandable end walls' when placing your order.

    Pre-engineered framing
    Pre-engineered framing
  • What's included

    Kits Include:

    • 1:12 roof pitch (2:12-6:12 available)
    • Tapered steel I-Beams (primary framing)
    • All roof purlins & wall girts (secondary framing)
    • Two framed door openings (add extra if required)
    • Engineer stamped erection & anchor bolt plans
    • Pre-painted 26-gauge metal roof & wall panels *
    • All nuts, bolts, clips and fasteners
    • Detailed construction manual
    • Pre-drilled, numbered parts
    • Complete trim package
    • Sealants & flashing
    • Structural warranty (30-50 yrs)*
    • Paint warranty (30-40yrs)*

    *Vary by supplier

    Base model 30 x 60 building

  • Specifications

    Kit Specs:

    • Wind load: 70-160 mph
    • Ground snow load: 10-110 (psf)
    • Available roof pitches: 1/2, 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 and 6:12
    • Roof styles: Gable, single slope, lean-to (LT)
    • Standard bay spacing: 20', 25' and 30'
    • Standard widths: 30' to 200' (clear span)
    • Standard heights: 10' to 40' (eave height)
    • Primary frame: I-beams (min.yield 42k psi) *
    • Second frame: purlins/girts (min.yield 55k psi) *
    • Wall & roof panels: 24 or 26 gauge metal panels

    * vary by supplier

    CAD drawing for a 30 x 60 building
    CAD plan for a 30x60 metal building
  • Exclusions

    Items not Included:

    • Delivery
    • Foundation
    • Construction
    • Insulation
    • Additional doors and windows
    • Gutters and downspouts
    • Interior finishing

    Pouring a concrete foundation

The Construction Process

Red iron building - build process
Read the build process guide

Customization Options

Make the 30x60 metal building your own by adding any number of custom options. Add any number (and size) of doors and windows, add colors of your choice for roofing and siding and even add a lean-to for additional outside covered storage space. Listed below are some of the most popular customization options.

Color Options
By combining different siding, roofing, and wainscot colors, you may give your 30x60 structure a unique look. To view available colors and for color scheme ideas, visit our color options page.

Learn more

Door Options
When it comes to access to your building, there are many door options available to meet your needs, whether it be for vehicles, livestock or inventory. Choose from overhead doors, sliding doors and more.

Learn more

Siding Options
You are not limited to metal siding for your building - discover the various options available to fit with your chosen aesthetic.

Learn more

Structural Options
Your building can be enhanced by the addition of porches, lean-to's, carports, covered decks, loading docks, and other features. These additions can increase the functionality and interior/exterior space of your building.

Learn more

Common Questions

  • How many square feet in a 30x60 building?

    A 30x60 building has 1,800 square feet of floor space. To calculate the square footage of a rectangular room or building, you simply multiply the width (30') by the length (40'). Therefore, the square footage of a 30x60 building can be calculated by multiplying 30 by 60, which equals 1,800 square feet.

  • How many cars can fit in a 30x60 building?

    With doors on each end of the building you can store up to six cars in a 30x60 building. Alternatively, if the doors are placed on the sidewalls you could comfortably park five cars or trucks and still have over 900 square feet of workshop or storage space.

  • How many bedrooms can fit in a 30x60 building?

    For a single-story home, you would have space for three small bedrooms or two full-sized bedrooms. Alternatively, if you choose a two-story configuration, you would have sufficient floor space for a four-bedroom family home; for design and layout ideas, see our sample metal house plans.

    If you require more space, you might wan to consider our 40x60 metal building which offers either 2,400 sq ft on one level or 4,800 square feet as a two-story house.

  • What is a 30x60 red iron building?

    Red Iron is a common term used to describe a pre-engineered steel building. Although the buildings are not made from iron they do have a red finish to them due to the red oxide paint that is applied to the framing to prevent corrosion.

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