Pricing for Quonset Hut Kit Buildings

Fabulous Pre-Fab Space

Quonset hut kits are ideal for storage, workspace, retail outlets and even easy, care-free living. Today’s, state-of-the-art quonset building kits deliver lots of benefits today and for decades into the future:

  • low cost per square foot (as low as $5 per sf)
  • simple construction (really simple construction)
  • easy care eye appeal: no painting, no roofing, energy efficient and curb appeal
  • 100% adaptable to commercial, industrial, retail and personal needs –
  • contemporary, appealing designs that fit any setting perfectly
  • low total cost of ownership (TCO), quonset DIY kits are the best value in storage and living space
  • kit building systems are customizable from simple to designer grade, quonset's are available in a range of colors and styles – all adaptable to your needs, whatever those needs may be
  • more interior space: no columns, posts or interior supports to get in the way
  • rugged durability capable of withstanding the harshest weather and work conditions – and look good doing it.
  • green tech, recycled metal and LEED compliant so you do something good for the planet and for yourself

S-Model Quonset Building Kit
Quonset hut kits in steel

30x40 S-Model Storage Building Kit


P-Model Quonset Garage
Quonset building kit prices and estimates

24x24 P-Model Single Garage Kit


As you can see both of these Quonset hut kits have straight side walls allowing for additional storage due to the fact that equipment, inventory  etc. can be placed directly against the wall resulting in virtually zero wasted space. Whilst the S-Model retains its traditional curved roof design the P-Model has a more traditional gable-style roof pitch.


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The benefits to owning a quonset are obvious, but there’s one BIG benefit to weigh after crunching the numbers.

Unlike other pre-fabricated storage that requires a contractor to erect, Quonset building kits snap together. All you need is a length of rope, a friend to hold panels in place and a socket wrench. That’s it.

75% of customers who purchase Quonset kit packages assemble their buildings themselves. Why? Because they can. You don’t need any special tools, you don’t need any special skills. All you need is some time to bolt together robust storage or living space, saving your tens of thousands of dollars on contractor costs.

This drops total cost of ownership even further, but maybe you’re not the do-it-yourself kind of person. No problem, just speak to a local general contractor about quoting for the erection of your new building.

Sample Quonset Hut Kits Prices & Dimensions:

Size (L /W)
Square feet
Quonset Hut Kit Prices From
Single Car Quonset Garage Kit
12x 2
144 SF
Double Car Garage Kit
576 SF
Storage Building Quonset Kit
720 SF
RV Garage Kit
800 SF
Small Storage Building 30x30 900 SF $12,600
Medium Sized Storage 30x40 1200 SF $13,000
Large Storage Building 40x60 2400 SF $23,000

Quonset Building Kits

First, each kit arrives on site ready for assembly – even if you never built anything in your life. Arch building kits are made up of light-weight, 40-pound panels, a bag of bolts, customized fasteners and a set of complete, step-by-step instructions with pictures.

If you can turn a wrench, you can assemble a quonset hut kit. They really are that simple.

To create a lock-tight building, start by pouring a solid concrete slab the size of your planned pre-fabricated metal building.

You don’t need any heavy equipment so construction is easy, even in tight spaces. You need two people, a piece of rope to lift panels in place and a socket wrench to bolt everything together. You don’t even have to change the socket! All bolts are the same size, simplifying construction even more.

Once the slab has set, simply bolt together one panel at a time. Lift into place, position and tighten a few bolts from the bag. Then, move on to the next two-foot panel. Because the arches for quonset hut kits are solid steel, they support their own weight, and even a ton or two of Arctic snow.

The front and end pieces give your new building a singular look, attractive to the eye, clean lines and 100% customizable to meet your needs. Want a door large enough to handle heavy farm equipment, or even a jet plane? Chose from a range of options. Want a two-car-garage under your retirement home? Choose the two-car garage panel for your Quonset hut kit and bolt it into place. Done.

Add pre-fabricated, energy-efficient windows, entryways, balconies, skylights and all of the other goodies that make work space more productive and living space more lavish.

So, even if you aren’t a DIY kind of guy or gal, this is one project you take on with confidence. Just follow the easy-to-read, illustrated directions, give yourself a couple of days and you’ve got the space you need or want at a cost that keeps cash in your pocket.

Even if you’re all thumbs, you’ll give this style of kit building the thumbs up. The age-old design of these structures makes these low-TCO buildings simple to erect, low-maintenance, totally customizable and you put the Quonset hut kit together yourself. That’s money in your pocket.

Buildings Guide simplifies your storage needs search. All you do is enter your storage needs once and we’ll send you estimates from the premier, top four builders of Quonset hut kits in a day or two.

Compare prices, features and looks all in one place to ensure you get the Quonset kit building that’s just right for you.

Then, grab that socket wrench and let’s assemble a Quonset hut kit from the best manufacturers in the world.

Yeah, it really is that easy.