Request for Data - California Residents

This form is provided as part of our compliance with the California Consumer Privacy Act

As a resident of the state of California, you have the right to request from your personal data as collected in the course of our business practices. Upon submission of the below form we will disclose to you: (1) the categories of personal information we collected about you; (2) the categories of information we sold about you and the categories of third parties to whom the information was sold, by category or categories of information for each third party to whom the information was sold; and (3) the categories of information we disclosed about you to fulfill our business purpose. You will receive a receipt of your submission within 10 days via email, and you will receive a response to your request with the provided data within 45 days via email. Please be advised that we may contact you to verify your identify and to confirm you are a California taxpayer as defined by law.

To exercise these rights, please make a request using the form below.