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A 30x50 metal shop building gives a fully open 1500 sq ft space and is ideal for a professional or commercial workspace or a large personal workshop. Doors, windows, and skylights can be customized to your working workflow and intended setup.

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30x50 shop kit package

1,500 sq. ft.
1-9 Vehicles
Solid Steel
Made in USA

What's included in a building kit?

The basic 30x50 metal building kit is a blank canvas waiting for your vision.

Customize it to fit your specific need, from height and roof style to finishes, colors, door/window sizes and placement.

This allows you to create a perfectly tailored space that meets your specific storage or project needs, while also matching the look of your existing buildings.

  • What's included

    Building packages include:

    • Steel I-Beam framing
    • Steel roof & wall panels (26ga)
    • Complete trim package
    • Two framed door openings
    • Foundation anchor bolt plans
    • Engineer stamped plans
    • Building kit delivery
    • Installation instructions
    • All bolts, flashing & sealants

    Framing for Pre-Engineered Steel Building
    I-beam steel framing
  • Features

    Benefit from:

    • Bolt-up construction
    • Trussless roof design
    • Clearspan widths to 300'
    • Certified to 160 MPH wind
    • Certified to 110 PSF snow
    • 30+ year warranty
    • Fast, free delivery
    • Fast build times

  • Customization

    Custom options:

    Doors - Choose from overhead, rollup, sliding or bifold doors.

    Roof profile & pitch - Adjust the gable roof pitch or select a single-slope, gambrel, or monitor profile.

    Insulation - Opt for vinyl-faced fiberglass, spray foam, or insulated metal panels (IMPs).

    Structural upgrades - Add porches, overhangs, a carport lean-to, or a mezzanine for loft storage.

  • Exclusions

    Items not included:

    • Permits
    • Foundation
    • Installation
    • Insulation
    • Interior build out

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Installed shop kits from: $25 - $45 Per Sq Ft

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30' x 40'

A 30x40 shop is suitable for commercial or personal use. It offers a generous 1,200 square feet of clear-span space, ideal for auto maintenance and farm or home project space. Consider adding a lean-to for extra covered outdoor storage or a mezzanine loft space for extra indoor storage. View our most popular configurations.

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40' x 60'

The large clear-span framing of a 40'x60' building with 2,400 sq ft of workspace offers many layout options suitable for a wide variety of applications. This popular size offers durability, construction economy, and fast deployment. View our most popular configurations.

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How much does a 30x50 shop cost?

On average, installing a 30'x50' shop will cost around $49,500. This estimate covers several key components: the steel building kit package, priced at approximately $30,000; the concrete slab foundation, which typically costs $9,000; and the construction expenses, estimated at $10,500. It's important to factor in additional costs for doors, windows, and insulation if required.

Final costs will vary depending on the location of the job site, local labor costs, and the complexity of the building's design. Please use our quote request form for accurate written quotes from four competing suppliers, or for a quick 30'x50' building estimate, see our metal building prices page.

Item Square Foot Cost
Building kit $15-$25
Concrete slab $5-$10
Construction $5-$10
Interior Finishing $10-$50+

Get four building quotes

Compare & save with competing quotes from local suppliers

The build process

Determine your needs - Assess the space, equipment, tools, and supplies required for your work or hobby activities.

Decide on accessories - After determining your access requirements, choose the number, size, type, and location of doors and windows.

Secure the right location - Find a suitable, level plot that can accommodate your workshop setup and needs, paying close attention to access requirements.

Design the layout - Plan the workshop's workflow, storage, and safety considerations.

Purchasing and contracting: Place your building kit order, pay a deposit, and contract local professionals to install the building.


Obtain necessary permits - Comply with all local building and zoning regulations.

Clear the plot - Remove any existing vegetation, debris, and rocks from the land to prepare the site for construction. This may involve tree and brush removal, topsoil replacement, and land excavation.

Assess the soil - Conduct a geotechnical assessment to evaluate the soil composition and depth of the water table to ensure the land can adequately support the structure.

Level the building pad - Grade and level the site to create a stable, even foundation.

Pour the foundation - Construct a solid foundation; either a traditional stem wall or a concrete slab will need to be poured to support the structure. We strongly recommend engaging a local structural engineer to design and oversee this stage.

Erect the building - Once the site is prepared and the foundation is in place, your chosen steel erectors will construct the building.

Finish the interior - Install electrical outlets and plumbing and frame out interior rooms (if required).

For a more in-depth look at the process, see our article on planning, designing, and erecting a metal building.

installation of a steel workshop building

Frequently asked questions

  • How many cars will fit in a 30'x50' shop?

    Based on your parking and storage requirements, a 30' x 50' shop provides ample space to house four full-sized vehicles. For longer-term storage, it can comfortably accommodate eight to nine vehicles.

  • Should I insulate my building?

    Generally speaking, yes, you should insulate your new metal workshop building. The benefits of insulating a steel building are significant and include:

    Reducing condensation: Insulation helps minimize condensation within the building, protecting against rust damage and mold growth.

    Temperature control: Insulation is crucial for maintaining a comfortable climate inside the building, making it more energy-efficient by keeping it warmer in winter and cooler in summer

    Decreasing noise: Insulation acts as a sound barrier, reducing noise pollution from both inside and outside the building, which is particularly beneficial if you use loud machinery in your workshop

    Energy savings: Insulation can significantly save on heating and cooling costs by effectively managing the indoor temperature, making your workspace more energy-efficient.

    Improving resale value: The addition of insulation can also enhance the building's resale value, as it adds to the usability and efficiency of the structure

    Given these advantages, including protection against moisture, improved comfort, energy savings, and noise reduction, insulating your metal workshop building is a wise investment that far outweighs the initial costs.

  • Will I need a building permit?

    Yes, a building permit is generally required for a new metal building. Obtaining a building permit ensures that your construction project complies with local building codes, zoning laws, and safety regulations. The process involves submitting detailed plans of your project to local government authorities for review. Requirements can vary significantly depending on your location, the building's size, and intended use. It's essential to check with your local building department or municipality to understand the specific requirements and process for obtaining a permit before starting construction on your metal building.

  • What standard building heights are available?

    The standard heights for steel buildings typically range from 10 to 30 feet in increments of 2 feet. Typical shop eave heights include 10', 12', 14', 16', 18, and 20'. Typically, these structures are designed to accommodate various applications, from residential garages and workshops to commercial buildings and industrial facilities, each requiring different interior clearances. Customizable options are often available to meet specific needs, allowing for taller structures if required for specialized equipment, storage needs, or aesthetic preferences. It's important to consider both the current and future uses of the building when selecting a height to ensure it meets all necessary operational and compliance standards.

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