30x50 Garage. Premium steel kit buildings

A 30x50 metal garage offers 1,500 sq ft of column-free, usable space. It will comfortably shelter four vehicles and provide a generous 400 sq ft of storage or workspace. For long-term storage, you could squeeze in up to nine cars.

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30x50 steel garage building

1,500 Sq. ft.
1-9 Cars
Solid Steel
Made in USA

Garage features

Start your project by customizing the base 30x50 metal building kit package to create a garage that meets your requirements for access and functionality.

Specify height, roof style, finishes, colors, and door/window sizes to create a garage that suits your storage/workshop needs and complements your existing structures.

  • What's included

    Garage packages include:

    • Steel I-Beam framing
    • Steel roof & wall panels (26ga)
    • Complete trim package
    • Two framed door openings
    • Foundation anchor bolt plans
    • Engineer stamped plans
    • Building kit delivery
    • Installation instructions
    • All bolts, flashing & sealants

    Framing for Pre-Engineered Steel Building
    I-beam steel framing
  • Features

    Benefit from:

    • Bolt-up construction
    • Trussless roof design
    • Clearspan widths to 300'
    • Certified to 160 MPH wind
    • Certified to 110 PSF snow
    • 30+ year warranty
    • Fast, free delivery
    • Fast build & times

  • Customization

    Custom options:

    Doors - Choose overhead garage doors, rollup, sliding or bifold doors.

    Roof profile & pitch - Adjust the gable roof pitch or select a single-slope, gambrel or monitor profile

    Insulation - Opt for vinyl-faced fiberglass, spray foam or insulated metal panels (IMPs).

    Structural upgrades - Add porches, overhangs, a carport lean-to or a mezzanine for loft storage.

  • Exclusions

    Items not included:

    • Permits
    • Foundation
    • Installation
    • Insulation
    • Interior build out

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How much does it cost to build a 30' x 50' garage?

The average turnkey cost to build a garage ranges from $25 to $45 per square foot. This includes the kit, foundation and installation.

Final costs will vary depending on your location for wind and snow loading requirements, local labor rates, customization options, and the level of interior finishing required for the garage.

For additional cost details, see our prices page.

Item Square Foot Cost
Building kit (shell) $15-$25
Foundation $5-$10
Construction $5-$10

Garage FAQ

  • How many cars fit in a 30' x 50' garage?

    Depending on your garaging needs a 30' x 50' garage has sufficient floor space to accommodate four full-sized vehicles. Alternatively, for long-term parking eight to nine vehicles can be accommodated.

  • How thick should a concrete slab be for a garage?

    A concrete slab for a garage should typically be at least four to six inches thick for most residential properties, sufficient to hold small or average-sized cars. However, it may need to be between six and nine inches thick to withstand heavier loads from large trucks or constant traffic from heavy vehicles or machinery. If a car hoist is to be used, pouring a 6" foundation is recommended.

  • What is the size of a standard garage door?

    The standard height for a single or double garage door is usually 7-8 feet. However, larger door options are available for those who need to park multiple vehicles, such as an RV, boat, or trailer. These can be 10, 12, or 14 feet in both height and width. Door widths are typically 8-10 feet for a single bay and 16 feet for a double-wide bay.

  • How long do steel garages last?

    When installed and maintained correctly, the lifespan of a steel garage can exceed 50 years, with some lasting over 100 years. Steel buildings are more durable than those made of wood or concrete due to their resistance to common causes of deterioration, such as termites, moisture, and natural disasters. Steel's stability and durability contribute to its longevity, and regular maintenance, including inspections and addressing any damage, can further extend the lifespan of a pre-engineered building.

  • How many square feet is a 30' x 50' garage?

    A 30' x 50' garage has an floor area of 1,500 square feet. This size of building can provide ample space for storage, and comfortably shelter multiple vehicles, making it a versatile option for both residential and commercial garaging applications.

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