40x60 Garage. Premium metal kit buildings

A 40' x 60' garage offers an expansive 2,400 sq ft of column-free, usable space. These solid steel garages will easily accommodate six cars or trucks, with an additional 900 sq ft of storage or workspace. Or, for long-term storage, you could house a maximum of twelve vehicles.

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Large prefab metal garage for six cars

2,400 sq. ft.
1-12 Cars
Steel I-Beam
Made in USA

Garage features

Start your project by customizing the base model 40x60 metal building kit to create a garage or workshop that meets your needs for access and functionality.

You can customize your structure by specifying height, roof style and pitch, exterior finishes, color, door and window sizes, and types to get exactly the garage you need.

By adjusting these options, you can create a garage that fits your storage needs and complements your existing buildings.

  • What's Included

    Garage packages include:

    • Steel I-Beam framing
    • Steel roof & wall panels (26ga)
    • Complete trim package
    • Two framed door openings
    • Foundation anchor bolt plans
    • Engineer stamped plans
    • Building kit delivery
    • Installation instructions
    • All bolts, flashing & sealants

    Framing for Pre-Engineered Steel Building
    I-beam steel framing
  • Features

    Benefit from:

    • Bolt-up construction
    • Trussless roof design
    • Clearspan widths to 300'
    • Certified to 160 MPH wind
    • Certified to 110 PSF snow
    • 30+ year warranty
    • Fast, free delivery
    • Fast build & times

  • Customization

    Custom options:

    Doors & windows - Choose sectional overhead, rollup, sliding or bifold door options and any window type and size.

    Roof profile & pitch - Adjust the gable roof pitch or select a single-slope, gambrel, or monitor profile

    Insulation - Opt for vinyl-faced fiberglass, spray foam, or insulated metal panels (IMPs).

    Structural upgrades - Add porches, overhangs, a carport lean-to, or a mezzanine for loft storage.

    Colors - Mix & match siding, roof, trim, and wainscot color options for a custom look.

    Siding - Switch out the standard metal cladding for cinder block, stucco, Hardie board, or brick veneer.

  • Exclusions

    Items not included:

    • Permits
    • Foundation
    • Installation
    • Insulation
    • Interior build out

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Similar garage sizes

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A 30' x 40' metal garage is a professional and versatile garaging solution providing 1,200 sq ft of clear-span storage and workspace. It can be designed as a two-car garage with 700 sq ft of workshop area, a three-car garage with 500 sq ft of storage, or to securely shelter up to eight cars - perfect for an ever-growing car collection. View our collection of custom configurations.

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30' x 50' Garage (4 to 9 car)

With our 30' x 50' garages, you get 1,500 sq ft of usable, clear-span space that can be configured as a 4-car garage with 500 sq ft of bonus space or adjust the layout for use as a drive through garage for boats, trailers or an RV. Or, for longer-term purposes, you can securely store up to nine vehicles. View our collection of custom designs.

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How much does it cost to build a 40' x 60' garage?

The installed cost for a 40' x 60' garage starts at $60,000, equating to $25 per square foot. This includes the building kit package, concrete foundation, and installation. Your final cost will vary based on your location (for code compliance) and the degree of customization required.

For additional cost details, see our prices page.

Item Square Foot Cost
Building kit (shell) $15-$25
Foundations $5-$10
Construction $5-$10

Why choose a prefab steel garage?

Steel-framed garages constructed with rigid I-beams provide a sturdy, cost-effective, and easy-to-maintain alternative to conventional wood structures.

Our prefabricated kits enable a completely open clearspan layout, eliminating the need for internal support pillars and ensuring every inch of the floor space is usable. The buildings feature a roof without trusses, increasing the height for additional storage, a workspace, or a residential apartment.

The commercial-grade steel roof framing is designed to bear extra weight, perfect for fitting a winch or crane, making them ideally suited as auto maintenance shops.

The precision-engineered parts ensure a smooth build process, substantially reducing construction time. The bolt-together framing system enables fast setup with zero material waste.

Unlike basic tube-framed buildings, our pro-grade buildings are built to last, weather any storm, and add value to your property.

Moreover, they are engineered to meet all local building codes and can be officially approved for occupancy, providing the flexibility to incorporate living spaces if desired.

prefabricated building

Cutaway showing garage bays

How location affects your 40' x 60' garage price

The geographical location of your new structure will impact the design and cost of your 40' x 60' metal building. Our team of engineers will take into account the weather conditions in your area to ensure that the building is designed to withstand the wind speeds and snow loads that are common in your area.

Our suppliers will also ensure that the metal building meets all the necessary code requirements for your area so you can be confident that your project is safe and up to standard.

Site preparation and foundation

Before the delivery of your building kit, it is crucial to obtain the necessary construction permits and prepare the site where the building will be erected. Once you have confirmed that the site is clear and level, the next step is to lay a concrete slab foundation.

For most garages, a 4-inch slab is sufficient, but it is recommended to opt for a 6-inch thick foundation if you plan to store large trucks or substantial machinery or install car lifts.

garage foundation

Installation / construction

A local steel erection company commonly assembles our 40' x 60' garages. Construction typically takes four to six days for a structure of this size.

If you have prior experience in construction and the assistance of two or three skilled friends, undertaking a DIY build is also feasible. Should you choose this path, be aware that you'll need to rent equipment for lifting the structural columns and roof rafters.

If speed of construction is a primary concern, you might want to hire a local general contractor (GC) to facilitate the build. A GC will coordinate the project, engage subcontractors, and oversee the entire project. It is recommended that 20% of the total project cost be allocated for a general contractor's services.

metal garage construction

Garage insulation

Suitable insulation must be installed in your metal building to maintain an ideal temperature and prevent moisture buildup. Moisture can lead to corrosion, which can harm the structural integrity and visual appeal of your building.

To insulate a 40' x 60' steel garage with vinyl-faced fiberglass, you can expect to spend anywhere from $4,200 to $8,500, depending on factors such as building height, material quality, and local labor rates.



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Common questions

  • how many cars can fit in a 40' x 60' garage?

    A garage measuring 40 feet by 60 feet has a floor space of 2,400 square feet, which can store up to six cars or trucks comfortably. On the other hand, it can house up to twelve vehicles for long-term storage or a growing car collection.

  • How much does it cost to add lean to a metal building?

    A lean-to addition typically costs $8 to $12 per square foot. So, for a 10' wide by 10" high lean-to at 40 feet in length, you can expect to pay between $3,200 and $4,800.

  • How do you add a loft space to a 40' x 60' garage?

    If you are looking to add a loft to your garage there are two main options available. You can install a steel-framed mezzanine level. These can be engineered and supplied by your building kit supplier. Mezzanines typically span one or more bays of 20 or 30 feet. Another option would be to frame the interior of the building with traditional 2x4 lumber or steel steel studs.

  • How big are 40x60 metal buildings?

    A 40' x 60' building has a usable floor area of 2,400 square feet, making it ideal for a multitude of storage applications, including workshops, auto shops, and small commercial maintenance garages.

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